Why use task management software?

Task management systems and improve team collaboration in ways that a general project management software often cannot. With our task management software, you can organize large project milestones and calendar views while also:

  • Assigning tasks
  • Implementing time-tracking
  • Automating recurring tasks
  • Missing less due dates
  • Increasing team member productivity
  • monday.com Work OS task management features include:

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    Create recurring tasks with automations to make workflows smoother and to reduce manual time spent entering routine information. Set up an automation to clear or change statuses weekly or to create an entire new group or copy each desired time period.
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    Real-time dashboards

    Use our dashboards to improve the way you manage projects via task management. Gain key insights into task distribution, type, and status with customizable reporting that updates in real-time according to board data.
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    Reduce the burden of building a task management workflow with one of our 200+ curated and customizable templates. Select your template based on industry or area of expertise and start with organized and automated task management right away.
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    Optmize the way your team members manage task lists and how they schedule tasks with our Split View that allows you to see how tasks on the board play out across a larger calendar.
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    Start your task management plan by brainstorming your tasks on a workdoc — shareable, real-time docs where you can tag team members, embed boards, create charts, and more.
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    Time Tracking Column

    Make sure you’re getting the most out of your time spent by using the Time Tracking Column. By simply clicking start on the timer, you can track time spent on individual items, their subitems, groups, and even an entire board.

    Improved task management
    without expanding your toolset

    Skip the clutter and resources wasted on adding yet another tool for task management to your tech stack. monday.com Work OS allows you to move fast while staying efficient, so you can onboard all teams across all functions to one workspace — and integrate seamlessly with your most-loved apps and platforms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • You can try all monday.com plans with a free sign up — no credit card required — for a 14-day trial. There will be some limitations around the number of users for the trial and you’ll get just a taste of the wide range of features included in a paid plan. Students and nonprofit organizations may be eligible for free or discounted access to monday.com upon completion of required forms, available on our pricing page.
    • You will find many lists out there ranking the top task management software. It’s important however to keep in mind key functions offered by monday.com, like integrations, automations, and intuitive functionality, as well as if they only serve for task management instead of overall organizational efficiency. Here are a few tools you could compare:

    • Keeping track of tasks at work can be time-consuming without the right software and practices. Here are a few recommended steps for monday.com:
      1. Build a to-do list and add relevant columns for details like expected due date and estimated time spent
      2. Enter your task names and add task owners
      3. Use the Time Tracking Column to track time spent in real-time or add time sessions later manually
      4. Track task progress routinely with the Dashboard View