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Planning, tracking, and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier

Task Management software

Set up in minutes

Make task assignment a breeze with the ability to assign owners to new tasks, prioritize each item, set due dates, and more - all in a customizable, intuitive platform.

organize tasks

Manage tasks whenever, wherever

See where things stand at any time, no matter where you're working from. Easily access all progress updates, budget approvals, and more in one place.

manage tasks whenever, wherever

Set smart notifications

Get notifications and reminders for the tasks that matter most and never miss another important deadline. Manage all your resources efficiently to save time, avoid rework, and leave your team more time for creative work.

set tasks notifications
Get work done

Keep all your tasks in the same place's task management software is the one source of truth for your team tasks. No more switching between endless Excel files, and never-ending email chains! task management tool screenshot

Track your team's progress at any time

See the status of all of your projects at a glance with clear, visual, and intuitive project dashboards.

Task management Tracker
Meet deadlines

Set due dates and never miss a deadline

Manage your weekly tasks, receive notifications before important deadlines and milestones, and receive an automatic email when tasks and assignments are completed in our intuitive task management software.

Task management: set deadlines

Pick a template, make it your own!

Weekly Team Tasks

This shareable template gives you a clear overview of what your team needs to get done each week. With full transparency into each task and it’s status, team members are motivated to take ownership and receive recognition for work completed.

Weekly Team Tasks Template

Design Tasks

Align your team on the design tasks that need to get done, see who’s working on what, assign designers to new tasks, set due dates, and prioritize with color-coded labels.

Design Tasks Template

Daily To Do List

Edit and add anything and everything you need to get done today, and everyday. Make time-tracking each task seamless,a nd plan a realistic amount of work for each work-week.

Daily Tasks Manager

What does task management mean?

Task management is the process of managing the entire life-cycle of a task. or all the tasks in a given project, right from the planning stage to execution. A good task management software helps teams collaborate, set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and assign them to the right people to ensure project success.

Task management: set deadlines

Stories from our community

Daily Tasks

"Our Action Board template provides each member of our team with a bird's eye view of all work that needs to be done, sets task priorities, and ensures project completion."
Kyle Ford from Ford Media Lab

Daily Tasks

Track Team Work

"We use it to enter a task, communicate on a specific task, track progress, assign deadlines, and be transparent with our colleagues from different teams on the projects we are working on."
Hristo Banov from AFSIP

Track Team Work

Weekly Tasks

"We use this board to do our resources first thing on a Monday morning, see which projects have outstanding tasks, add new ones for the week, and plan it out accordingly."
Alexander Frehse from Studio8fold

Weekly Tasks