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Planning, tracking, and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier. Upgrade your task management software with a solution that is flexible, user-friendly, fully collaborative, and allows you to work without limits.

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What does task management software do?

Task management software helps teams manage and schedule tasks. It also can track dependencies, resources and milestones, so teams can quickly adjust to changing priorities.

Task management is an essential part of running smooth team operations, but not all task management software is the same.

To fully see tasks through from creation to completion, you may need an alternative to task management software, such as a Work OS.
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Work OS vs. task management software

While task management softwares can indicate to-dos and assign ownership, a Work OS provides one central place to get work done—everything you need to work without limits is on the platform. Get full transparency into all tasks and insight into team progress, all while working with the tools you already love.
Full transparency

Keep all work
in the same place

monday.com Work OS provides one source of truth for your team. No more switching between endless Excel files, and never-ending email chains!

Communicate in the context of your work by adding updates, questions, comments, or files to specific tasks. Use monday workdocs to brainstorm ideas, start projects, and collaborate with your team without leaving your workspace.
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Track your team's
progress at any time

Visual and intuitive dashboards helps everyone understand how they are performing against their goals and find areas for improvement.

After selecting the boards you want to extract the data from, choose from one of 15+ widgets to understand project progress, track budget, estimate teammates workload, and more.
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Use the tools
you already love

Connect monday.com with the tools you already love to get more done. Integrate with Slack in just a few clicks to share information, updates, and files from your #channels directly inside monday.com.

Automatically convert emails into action items to track and manage inside monday.com. Or choose between any of our other integrations so you can align all of your project management tools.
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Task management for teams

monday.com makes it easy to get started with task management. Unlike other work software out there, our robust solution helps teams of all sizes manage their work end-to-end. Check out what a few of our customers have to say about us:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the top task management softwares include:
    • monday.com Work OS
    • Nifty
    • Quire
    • Backlog
    • ProProfs Project
    • Process Bliss
    • Zoho Projects

      Though there are plenty of options out there, a Work OS lets anyone build the exact software they need to work without limits.
  • There are plenty of ways to manage your tasks. Some of these include:
    • Scheduling your tasks
    • Effective prioritization
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Effective delegation
    • Mastery of productivity software

      On monday.com Work OS, you can schedule tasks in one click, easily drag and drop items on the board to prioritize tasks, use columns to specify project details, and quickly assign team members tasks. Our intuitive and flexible platform makes it easy for anyone to run their workflows.
  • On monday.com, you can keep track of daily tasks by:
    • creating groups (your list of items) and labeling them by date
    • using an item in the group for each task and statuses to understand where you are in the process
    • adding meeting times so you know which pockets of the day you have to complete your tasks
  • Monitoring and observing task progress is a part of task management. Task management features are built to regulate the flow of tasks so you can avoid missing deadlines and help tasks progress more effectively. monday.com has a broad range of task management features from board views and dashboards to time-tracking and automations to optimize your task management workflows.

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