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So how did
come to be?

Well for us, it happened somewhere in between collaborating and communicating, engaging one another and scaling rapidly, being totally transparent and working the way we want, while always aspiring to outdo our best. It grew in between building, creating, managing, and always laughing along the way. It expanded as we integrated and automated, built workflows and created templates, and developed our community beyond our wildest dreams. We experienced firsthand how much more we can accomplish when we really, truly work together.

We experienced how deeply empowering it is to build our own workflows with customizable building blocks. How there can be a place where all work happens- eliminating silos, aligning our organizations, and elevating our teams.

It is through this journey that the Work OS was born. It is in these moments that the magic happens. And it is so exciting to know that as we continue on our mission together, we’re only getting started...

Our story

2012 is founded

Our co-founders, Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, experienced firsthand the challenges that come with quickly scaling organizations. They decided to build a solution, together with their team, that people actually love to use - and so was born!


Planting the seed

Secured our first funding with a $1.5 million Seed Round.


We’re onto something...

The co-founders discovered deep, shared pain points across teams around the world and built a prototype for what is known today as


Our first customers!

After two years, officially launched from a tiny “office” (but really a vacated apartment) in Tel Aviv and hosted its first board meeting after onboarding our first 6 customers.


Off we grow

Grew the team by 300% by hiring 9 new employees and grew the company by 50,000% by acquiring over 3,181 customers.


Expanding our crew

Secured a $7.6 million Series A and acquired 7,438 customers.


App-solutely amazing!

Launched a mobile application because it was 2016, y’all.


Growing up

Acquired 18,472 customers and secured a $25 million Series B.



daPulse is renamed to


Here’s to you, New York

Opened our first global office in NYC, secured a $50 million Series C, and acquired 48,652 customers all while getting permission to (safely) start a fire in the office.


Expanding our community

Our Startup For Startup initiative was founded and we briefly adopted a stray developer (though no developers were harmed in the creation of this timeline).


Elevating our brand

Launched our first global conferences: Elevate, Unplugged, and Global Partners Summit.


It’s awards season!

We won the Webby Award for Productivity, were named to BuiltInNYC’s best places to work, and honored as one of Calcalist’s most promising startups.


Unicorn born

Secured a $150 million Series D, achieved unicorn status (as a private company valued over one billion dollars), and acquired 93,431 new customers.


Multi-lingual became available in 11 languages.


Bottoms up!

Added 173 new employees who drank 389 kegs of draft beer, consumed 400kg of coffee beans, and built a plant wall that features over 1800 plants.


Llamas = productivity realized

Launched dashboards as part of our core product offering including a llama farm animation: 64161 llama farm dashboards were created in 2019 alone.



Surpassed 100,000 teams around the world managing their work on


Welcome to 2.0

Launched monday 2.0, our transformation into a work operating system (Work OS) that enables organizations of any size to build custom apps in minutes.



As COVID-19 swept the globe a letter was issued to’s customers and we learned a little too much about how people #WFH.


Party in the USA

Founded our next US “offices” with teams on the ground in Miami and SF.


Just touched down in London town!

Hired our first employee in the UK.


From Dream to Reality

Launched monday Apps; a framework to easily build apps on top of


Our apps marketplace is open for business

Where talented builders meet engaged users, sharing cutting-edge apps, and expanding the capabilities of the platform.


Cutting the ribbon at our London office!

We welcomed our UK employees to our brand new location in the heart of Fitzrovia.


MNDY rings the bell and officially becomes a publicly-traded company on Nasdaq!

The Future

Stay tuned…

There’s so much more to come! data points

customers using
of people feel happier
llama widgets

Our culture

When you break it down, it's all about the people


Both as a team and deeply rooted in our platform, is complete visibility into everything we do. We believe that transparency creates a culture of empowerment; and a more empowered team is a more productive team.


We grow and innovate together with, and inspired by, our customers. To deliver value, we listen, understand, and then act. We believe in taking initiative and pushing boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.


Some might say we’re ‘data obsessed’. From our product roadmap to marketing campaigns, our customer success approach to design decisions, we always seek the truth in the numbers. Our entire team is committed to this approach.


We constantly aspire to ‘outdo our best’. As one global team, we take ownership over the quality of our own contributions, but even more so, pride in what we deliver together. We keep at it until we get it right.


Diversity, belonging, and inclusion are rooted in our being. We celebrate individuality together as a team. We strive to build both a company and a platform based on the inclusivity we yearn to see in workplaces across the globe.


We celebrate our successes, we learn from our failures and we always own the results. We’re accountable to one another and value opinions, while independently owning processes from A-Z.


Tel-Aviv, IL
New York, US
London, UK
Sydney, AU
Miami, US
San Francisco, US
Chicago, US
Kyiv, UA
Tokyo, JP
São Paulo, BR

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