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So how did
come to be?

Well for us, it happened somewhere in between collaborating and communicating, engaging, and scaling rapidly. All while being totally transparent and working the way we want.

It's all about the people

As we integrated and automated, built workflows, created templates, and expanded our community beyond our wildest expectations, we continued to grow. It is through this journey that the Work OS was born.

June 10th, 2021 marked the start of a new era for—we rang the opening bell and officially became a publicly traded company on Nasdaq.

These days, we continue to fuel our growth by evolving into a multi-product company, providing people, teams, and companies powerful products to help turn their work visions into a reality. We’re only just getting started.

Our story is founded

Our co-founders, Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, experienced firsthand the challenges that come with quickly scaling organizations. They decided to build a solution, together with their team, that people actually love to use - and so was born!


Planting the seed

Secured our first funding with a $1.5 million Seed Round.


We’re onto something...

The co-founders discovered deep, shared pain points across teams around the world and built a prototype for what is known today as


Our first customers!

After two years, officially launched from a tiny “office” (but really a vacated apartment) in Tel Aviv and hosted its first board meeting after onboarding our first 6 customers.


Off we grow

Grew the team by 300% by hiring 9 new employees and grew the company by 50,000% by acquiring over 3,181 customers.


Expanding our crew

Secured a $7.6 million Series A and acquired 7,438 customers.


App-solutely amazing!

Launched a mobile application because it was 2016, y’all.


Growing up

Acquired 18,472 customers and secured a $25 million Series B.



daPulse is renamed to


Here’s to you, New York

Opened our first global office in NYC, secured a $50 million Series C, and acquired 48,652 customers all while getting permission to (safely) start a fire in the office.


Expanding our community

Our Startup For Startup initiative was founded and we briefly adopted a stray developer (though no developers were harmed in the creation of this timeline).


Elevating our brand

Launched our first global conferences: Elevate, Unplugged, and Global Partners Summit.


It’s awards season!

We won the Webby Award for Productivity, were named to BuiltInNYC’s best places to work, and honored as one of Calcalist’s most promising startups.


Unicorn born

Secured a $150 million Series D, achieved unicorn status (as a private company valued over one billion dollars), and acquired 93,431 new customers.


Multi-lingual became available in 11 languages.


Bottoms up!

Added 173 new employees who drank 389 kegs of draft beer, consumed 400kg of coffee beans, and built a plant wall that features over 1800 plants.


Llamas = productivity realized

Launched dashboards as part of our core product offering including a llama farm animation: 64161 llama farm dashboards were created in 2019 alone.



Surpassed 100,000 customers around the world managing their work on


Welcome to 2.0

Launched monday 2.0, our transformation into a work operating system (Work OS) that enables organizations of any size to build custom apps in minutes.



As COVID-19 swept the globe a letter was issued to’s customers and we learned a little too much about how people #WFH.


Party in the USA

Founded our next US “offices” with teams on the ground in Miami and SF.


Just touched down in London town!

Hired our first employee in the UK.


From Dream to Reality

Launched monday apps; a framework to easily build apps on top of


Our apps marketplace is open for business

Where talented builders meet engaged users, sharing cutting-edge apps, and expanding the capabilities of the platform.


Cutting the ribbon at our London office!

We welcomed our UK employees to our brand new location in the heart of Fitzrovia.


MNDY rings the bell and officially becomes a publicly-traded company on Nasdaq!


Tech & COVID vaccines in Africa’s Emergency Response team landed in Eswatini, Africa to assist the local government with a comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout system built on’s platform. This initiative was named a finalist on Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas yearly list!

July 2021

Where words ignite workflows

We launched monday workdocs, a shared document that turns words into actionable workflows, workdocs are the very first building block outside of the monday Board we all know and love.

August 2021

And the award goes to…us!

We were named by Fortune as a Best Small to Medium Workplaces, Best Place to Work for Millennials, and a Best Place to Work New York. On top of that, we were certified by Great Place to Work as, well, a great place to work :) We also ranked high upon the list of Dun’s 100 Best Places to work in Israel.



monday U, the company’s hi-tech academy for hard-working people from all kinds of backgrounds, opened its first programs, enabling talented individuals to acquire the skills and real-world experience to take their careers to the hi-tech industry.

October 2021


We closed out the year with more than 152,000 customers worldwide managing their work on

December 2021


Our creative teams worked around the clock to share our “work without limits” vision in a Big Game ad on the largest stage sports has to offer! Our Big Game ad was broadcasted before and after the legendary half-time show!

February 2022

Creating an ecosystem of products

With monday WorkForms, personalized forms and surveys, and monday Canvas, a collaborative real-time whiteboard, the first products in’s new suite. These are two independent products built by start-up style teams within monday.

February 2022

Tech making a difference

Our Emergency Response team arrived on the ground at the Polish-Ukrainian Border to use the Work OS to build out digital processes for refugee centers. Our platform has assisted over 75,000 refugees and counting.

March 2022

The best place to work!

We were ranked as one of Inc.’s Best Places to Work 2022! We’re proud our team continues rating as the very best place to work time and time again.


Becoming a multi-product company

We’re proud to now be a multi product company. monday CRM, monday dev, monday marketer, monday projects and monday work management went live and are used by thousands of customers worldwide.

May 2022

Vogue X

We’re proud to be Vogue's very first software brand partnership! The Met Gala team used for their work processes producing the incredible centerpiece and florals for the event.

May 2022

Official Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader

We’re so proud to be recognized for our overall ability to execute and completeness of vision, providing our customers with a powerful low-code/no-code framework, empowering users in creating software applications and work management tools.

August 2022

North America HQ Launch

We’ve officially cut the ribbon on the space designed to bring together our North American teams. So excited to see the HQ in New York and our new office in Chicago & Miami come to life!

September 2022

We're live in Japan

Welcome to our new team in the Land of the Rising Sun. We’re excited to continue growing our presence in the Asia Pacific and Japan region with our business launch in Tokyo and Singapore.

October 2022

It’s Awards Season!

We were named by Great Places to Work, as - a great place to work! Not only that, we’re a Fast Company Brand That Matters, on top of that, we’ve made the top of the list of Dun’s 100 Best Hi-Tech Companies to Work for!

November 2022

American Frontier

We kicked off the year by opening new offices in the US: Denver and Miami, marking our growing presence in the States.

January 2023

app (marketplace) is on FIRE

We’ve partnered with Appfire, the world's largest enterprise collaboration app provider! to bring our apps marketplace to the next level.

February 2023

It’s a new HQ!

Hello APJ Region! - Our official APJ Headquarters opened in Sydney!, reaffirming our commitment to serving the Asia-Pacific region.

March 2023

Say hello to your new work bestie meets AI, the new monday AI assistant! Not only that, third-party developers can now create AI apps on the monday WorkOS.

April 2023

The people have spoken!

Honored to win the BuiltIn 2023 Best Workplaces Award across 12 cities! We were honored as a Great Place to Work in the UK, US, and now in Australia!!

April 2023

Sustainability Minded

Our Environment, Social, and Governance ESG Report highlights our ongoing dedication to sustainable practices and responsible corporate governance.Over 700 monday people volunteer hours making the world a better place for us all.

May 2023

Spreading the marketing love

Japan, Germany, France, Australia, and Brazil all have localized billboards! We launched an (OOH) campaign across the globe, addressing our customers' most common questions in their native languages.

May 2023

Welcome to the fam, monday dev!

monday dev officially is out of beta! Product and development teams can now centralize and seamlessly manage the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to execution, with monday dev.

June 2023

Australia, But Faster

There are now new data servers in Australia, enhancing the speed and efficiency of our services for our Australian users.

June 2023

Productivity Overload

We published our Global Productivity Survey ! illuminating the importance of software and technology tools, in boosting productivity for the evolving workforce!

June 2023

Built for Scale

mondayDB is live! the new data infrastructure behind our Work OS. Adapting to your largest, most complex work scenarios, mondayDB allows you to build and manage workflows at scale.

July 2023

We’ve adopted a new regional structure

Our new hybrid regional structure means our regions are empowered while providing a strong connection to core global functions. Hello, new executive NAM & APJ regional managers!

October 2023

Climbing the ranks

We’re proud our people keep choosing us as the best place to work, consistently, all around the globe. Bronze medalists on Dun’s & Bradstreet in Israel, a Fortune Great Place to Work in New York, part of UK’s Best Workplaces including for Wellbeing and made Australia’s Best Workplaces in Technology List 2023. That’s all four of our regional HQs!

November 2023

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leaders, Again!

‘Ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’ are just some of the reasons Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ has recognized us as a Leader for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting as well as for Collaborative Work Management. Kudos team, that’s a few years running!

December 2023

The Partner Opportunity for Work OS

Our partners saw 100% YoY growth in service revenues, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the results of the commissioned The Total Economic Impact Study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

December 2023

Our very first Investor Day!

Proud of this milestone as a public company. Our teams shared with investors and stakeholders our upcoming business, company and product milestones.

December 2023

Hola, Bonjur, Hallo, Γειά σου!

We welcomed aboard our new French, German, Greek, and Spanish regional communities, run by our incredible local partners who share their expertise through social posts.

20 February 2024

Cześć Poland!

We’re excited to continue to expand in the EMEA region with our brand new office in Warsaw, home to many of our builders.

March 2024

Community Events

We’ve launched a new series of events for our community, including live sessions with product managers. These sessions are an opportunity for our community to connect directly with the team behind the features that they are using every day.

April 2024

Stay tuned…

There’s so much more to come!

The Future
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Our culture and values

and Trust

Data is at the core of our identity both as a company and a team, and is an essential part of our platform. Access to data allows teams to work even better together and perform at their professional best. It's that kind of total freedom that builds trust and leads to fast execution and high impact.

and Impact

We have learned that our employees need to take full ownership over their work, from A to Z, which instills a sense of personal investment and drive leading to better overall execution and an understanding that ‘done’ is often better than perfect.

Speed and

We believe the faster you execute, the faster you learn, iterate, and improve. We are constantly running at our own pace and seeking feedback, both internally and from customers, so we can outdo our best. We believe this eagerness to try and improve gives us a competitive edge, especially as we continue to scale.


We mean it when we say that a product should work for the customer and not the other way around. Every feature is designed with ease of use in mind to deliver the best user experience. And proven by the fact that more than 70% of our customers work in traditionally non-tech industries.


We have embedded inclusivity in the core of our company values and our platform experience, providing an experience open to everyone. We prioritize inclusion and diversity not only because it is right, but because we believe it creates better teams and ultimately a better product.


Our customers’ satisfaction and success is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionately committed to helping customers with our best-in-class support, and we believe that when our customers win, we win.
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