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Project portfolio management that connects strategy to execution

Gain full visibility over all your projects to reach goals, deliver results,
and ensure overall project success.
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Advanced project management
Program management
Portfolio management
Resource planning
Resource allocation
Goals & OKRs
Risk & issue management
Project intake & approvals
Create a workflow

Maximize project success across the organization

Goals and OKRs2
Connect goals to the work being done
Set and track company-level goals and objectives and ensure that the projects being done around them contribute to their success.
Goals and OKRs
Goals and OKRs2
Track portfolio performance and value
Identify risks before they happen
Align stakeholders and leaders on progress
Manage all aspects of the project lifecycle

PMO work management features
to run successful projects


Gantt chart

At a glance, understand project status and details. Visualize project tasks, milestones, and dependencies within a set timeline.


Identify delays that prevent projects from being completed on time by quickly seeing which tasks are behind schedule.


Define your baseline to easily compare your planned vs. actual project schedules so you can keep to deadlines or adjust as necessary.

Critical path

Overlay critical paths on top of Gantt charts to identify the tasks your team must complete to finish a project on time and maintain realistic deadlines.
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Mark significant checkpoints in every project to accurately identify and correct bottlenecks as they happen.
Save time

Time tracking

Plan more accurately for future projects by monitoring how long it takes to complete a specific task.
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Project intake & approvals

Streamline the project intake process so anyone can submit requests with relevant details, and stakeholders can manage approvals, and prioritize better.

Dashboards & reporting

Gain insights into your portfolio and every project, such as budget and workload, to make data-driven decisions.


Choose how to visualize project status and scope with customizable views - Gantt chart, Kanban board, Workload, Calendar, Timeline, and more.

Bridge silos to accelerate goals

Centralize your team's work, goals, and tools in one unified project portfolio management software for improved collaboration. Easily create automated no-code processes across teams, for a more connected organization.

“monday.com saves us about 1,850 hours of staff time and somewhere in the range of $50,000 a month."
Stefana Muller
Senior Director, CTO Product and Program Office, Oscar
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Never miss a beat on any workflow

Run projects more efficiently by automating manual aspects of your work; create templated project boards, set approvals and reminders - designed to help PMOs maintain standardized processes.

Connect with the PMO tools you rely on

Extend monday work management with the tools essential
to your PMO teams to run projects more efficiently without switching tabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • monday PMO work management enables businesses to oversee and manage projects throughout the company, to reach goals and collaborate at scale. This product gives the project management office (PMO) full visibility over multiple projects so leaders can streamline crucial business processes, set goals and strategies, navigate projects, processes, and everyday work.

    PMOs can use monday work management features for PMO’s like Gantt charts, dependencies, milestones, and critical path for efficient project portfolio management.
  • Managers and teams who use monday for project management enjoy a number of benefits that maximize success across the organization:
    • Deliver projects on-time and according to requirements.
    • Ensure all tasks and initiatives align with high-level goals and OKRs.
    • Customize how you track & share portfolio data for clear stakeholder communication.
    • Accurately assess resources for improved workload management.
    • Identify risks early with built-in milestones, Gantt, and critical path features.
    • Use one tool for the entire project management life cycle — plan, approve, provide feedback, and more.
  • monday PMO work management is fully-equipped to help you manage your most essential project portfolio data without friction:
    • Understand team and individual capacity, and check time spent per task with multiple views, like Workload.
    • Verify where a project fits into company goals by matching them with relevant OKRs.
    • Get an at-a-glance view of project performance, budgets, timelines, and project owners. Send automated project portfolio reports to stakeholders.

Transform your organization with PMO work management

Keep track of project performance to hit key milestones towards your
company-level goals.