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yearly SAVE 18%
two yearly SAVE 32%
USD $25 /Mo
Billed annually
Basic includes:
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USD $39 /Mo
Billed annually
Standard includes
all Basic plan features,
in addition to:
USD $59 /Mo
Billed annually
Pro includes
all Standard plan features,
in addition to:
USD $118 /Mo
Billed annually
Enterprise includes
all Pro plan features,
in addition to:
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yearly (save 18%)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to pay for it?
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    The trial is free, but after that, yeah, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans to continue using Don’t give us that look ;) We’re committed to building an amazing product that provides real and tangible value to you every day. At 16 cents per user a day, our Basic plan sets you back less than a pencil per person. There’s no greater investment than pulling your team together and finding a great way to get work done, and many of our customers tell us that their experience with is truly invaluable. Imagine never missing another deadline, totally eliminating angry phone calls from clients, or putting an end to painful email threads—for real. Imagine actually enjoying your everyday life at work. Priceless, no?
  • How does your pricing work?
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    We’re a tiered subscription service, and our pricing is based on the number of people on your team as well as the plan that’s best for you. Check out our handy calculator above to get a personalized quote pronto.
  • Which plan is right for me?
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    That’s a good question and there are a number of factors to consider. Reach out to our Customer Success Team - we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.
  • Can I pay monthly?
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    Sure. We offer monthly, yearly, and two-yearly plans. A lot of our customers prefer to go for yearly or two-yearly because they’re the most economical choice - you can save up to 32%. But monthly is totally cool, too.
  • Can I use this for my whole organization, or just my team?
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    Either or both! That’s the beauty of - we have huge enterprises using it organization-wide as well as one and two-people teams. You’re a small team working inside a huge corporation, you say? That’s good, too. Plenty of our customers use to improve the way their own team or department operates.
  • Do you offer discounts?
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    We’re happy to offer discounted pricing to nonprofits and NGOs. Or if you can beat us in Street Fighter 2. (But we’re realllllly good… just saying.) Contact our Customer Success Team for more info.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
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    We accept all major credit cards. Some of our developers could probably be bribed with cookies, but you didn’t hear that from us.
  • Can I change my plan?
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    Totes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan any time you want.
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