Here’s a note we sent our customers this week – in the hopes it may help all of you.

For all of us, the way we work and live has changed dramatically in recent weeks. I encourage you to read and reply to my note with any idea, suggestion, or issue you’re facing. I read every reply, and the customer success team will reply to each of you.

An update on our plans for the coming weeksI wanted to reach out to you to explain how we’re adapting to this situation and to respond to the many questions we’ve received from you given recent events. The bottom line? We’ve redirected our product, our people and all our efforts to help cope with short and long-term effects of this new situation.New integrations

Can survive and succeed during this time?

In short: yes. We have about $180 million in cash – and we’re close to operational profitability. But beyond our books, we are seeing a surge in demand for work from home (WFH) solutions, and more teams are looking to monday.​com as their WFH platform.

We are committed to be there for everyone who relies on us 24/7, up and running, fully supporting you and your teams in your endeavours, from businesses, large scale operations, even hospitals and teams fighting COVID-19.

We see these times not only as an opportunity but also as our responsibility for our customers. We recently conducted a survey that showed us that monday.​com users suffered only 14% decreased in accountability on projects and daily work routine versus non-monday users, who reported a whopping 34% decrease. today is in a great position to continue to grow while making a positive impact on teams and companies around the world.

You can rely on us: read our letter to our employees

It’s been over 3 weeks since we transitioned to WFH as a company.

We’ve done everything we can to make our employees feel stable and secure during these challenging times.We have over 400 employees, some of whom are home with kids, roommates, parents or pets that they need to support . This often makes WFH harder, as I’m sure many of you are experiencing. We made it clear to everyone from day one: we understand that the difficult situation going on now makes it tough to keep pace, and we trust you to do your best.

It was important to us to make sure we all felt a feeling of stability. So we’ve done our best to keep our internal beat by keeping our team rituals and routines – from weekly all-hands meetings, daily meetings going over monday boards, and one-on-ones, now through video conferencing.

Amidst all this change, there’s one thing we didn’t change: our ambitious growth goals for this year, including growing from 320 employees to more than 700, opening new offices and doubling our customer base. By keeping these goals the same, we created a sense of mission for all of us here at monday.​com – to keep moving forward while helping as many people as we can.For our values of transparency and inclusion, in the hopes it may help you as well, we’ve included this letter we’ve sent our employees and board members.

How can you leverage in this new situation?

We gathered the resources we had into a remote work resource hub, which includes:

  • Templates for managing your team/teams
  • Tips on WFH as a team
  • Specific departmental issues dealing with remote work
  • How and other companies have coped with challenges
  • Updates on how to manage integrations and automations

We are here to help 24/7 roadmap during COVID-19

Now more than ever before, our support is available for you 24/7. We are committed to a 60 minute or less response time and are holding webinars and training to help you with monday.​com

Our consultants will assist you in making sure monday.​com continues to fit your needs with projects and process management, team management, crisis management, and cross-company/departmental alignment. If you need help with 25+ employees, please contact us.

We know that this time is tough for many of you. We encourage you to join our community and feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Product roadmap: releases for the next two weeks

We want to make sure monday.​com adapts with your needs. For that reason, we’ve changed our roadmap to meet WFH demands.

To keep track of weekly feature updates, be sure to check out our product blog.

These are some of the things you can expect over the next two weeks:

Embedded Zoom Call
You’ll be able to host Zoom call directly within a board. Invite everyone on the board, enter the call number, and collaborate over one shared space. roadmap during COVID-19: Zoom integration

A freeform space to visualize and collaborate on ideas together in real-time.

Image annotations

Comment and collaborate over images and files across the system.

Shared collaborative spaces that allow you to set access and functionality permissions, available for Enterprise tiers. roadmap during COVID-19: Workspaces

Online Docs
Collaborate on content from other websites without leaving your monday.​com account. roadmap during COVID-19: Docs viewer

Allows you to create multiple sub-items under every row. Sub-items can have different structures and are customizable like the board itself! roadmap during COVID-19: Subitems

Slack Partnership
You can already use monday.​com to communicate Slack updates in a board and share due dates and progress reports instantly to an entire Slack channel. Now, we’ve partnered with Slack to offer 25% off Slack’s offering to all monday.​com users. Click here to take advantage of this discount! roadmap during COVID-19: Slack

Our efforts to support our community roadmap during COVID-19
Since the outbreak began, we’ve received many requests from organizations fighting COVID-19, from vaccine research firms to government agencies, to rescue operation organizations.We’ve therefore made monday.​com free for any organization fighting the outbreak and supporting communities affected by COVID-19. If you need such a free plan, please contact us here.

Internally, we’ve diverted our travel budget (now unused) to donate to organizations located in Tel Aviv and New York City – our main offices – for communities at risk, including the elderly, refugee, minority and other populations that need support.

monday.​com’s efforts to fight Coronavirus

Our team has supported several large-scale efforts to fight COVID-19, from buying medical equipment to setting up labs in days. We are here to help with setting up monday.​com, training and consultations for any government or governmental agency that wants to run a smoother operation and increase efficiency while managing COVID-19 efforts. Please contact us here.

Thanks for being a part of monday.​com. We are all in this together.

Roy, Eran and the entire monday.​com team