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Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot: Which CRM is for you?

Allie Kashkash 8 min read
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Any growing business knows the importance of having a great Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) available for their team. With so many options available today, choosing the right tool can sometimes be tricky.

In this piece we’ll review two popular CRMs: Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot and also understand how they are different from monday sales CRM.

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What is Netsuite CRM?

Netsuite CRM (part of Oracle) is a cloud-based platform aimed mostly at small to medium-sized businesses. As with other CRMs, its goal is to help sales teams understand the sales process in the company to maximize sales and boost profits. Netsuite CRM is a powerful CRM but also includes many other tools for businesses including ERP, HCM, analytics, accounting, and more.

One of Netsuite CRM’s main features is the ability to gain a single view of your entire process including leads, customers, partners, and more. This allows various parts of your business to make intelligent decisions by having access to the most important data at a click of a button.

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What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is another cloud-based CRM that gives sales and marketing teams the ability to stay aligned, boost ROI and profits, streamline inbound marketing strategies, and more. Hubspot is exclusively focused on its CRM, and takes pride on being an easy-to-use tool for all of the relevant teams in an organization.

Hubspot divides its CRM into hubs based on what a specific organization needs in the software. Companies can buy each part on its own or as a package deal. This is a convenient solution for organizations who are looking for a CRM to tackle a single part of their business.

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The pros and cons of Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot

Both Netsuite CRM and Hubspot are powerful CRM tools. As can be expected, there are pros and cons to using both of them, which are important to consider when comparing the two.

Netsuite CRM pros: Netsuite has a wide range of functionalities including sales, marketing, and customer service. As NetSuite is not exclusively a CRM, it can integrate with other modules including inventory management and/or finance. Netsuite can be customized to meet the needs of any organization so that they can stay focused on their sales goals and have easy access to reports.

Netsuite CRM cons: Pricing (see below) can be expensive for small businesses. Netsuite CRM can also be complex and confusing to set up.

Hubspot pros: Hubspot is known for being very user-friendly and is easy-to-use. If you are a CRM newbie, Hubspot may be a great choice. Hubspot also has affordable pricing plans (including a free version) and a wide range of integrations.

Hubspot cons: Hubspot is a relatively basic CRM and doesn’t have all of the features of advanced CRM platforms. At the same time, the customization options are also relatively limited.

What are the key features of Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot?

Netsuite CRM’s main features include:

  • Marketing automation to have an all-encompassing view of marketing campaigns
  • Customer service management so that customers can submit inquiries and cases and you can reply with ease
  • Partner relationship management to have real-time information about your interactions with your partners
  • Mobile access so you can update sales data wherever you are
  • Reporting and analytics so you can continually monitor your progress and performance

Hubspot’s main features include:

  • Free and paid subscription plans depending on your business needs and model
  • Live chat to connect with leads in real-time
  • Meeting scheduler so that you can schedule meetings through email or your website at the click of a button
  • Website builder so that your website always stays up to date
  • Different hubs to build the perfect CRM software for your needs

Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot: What’s their pricing? 

Netsuite CRM doesn’t publish its pricing model on its website. Interested companies must contact Netsuite to get a custom quote. What we do know is that Netsuite charges an annual fee and the licensing is based on three things: core platform, optional modules, and the number of users using the platform. There is also a one-time implementation fee to get companies set up.

Hubspot’s pricing model is much clearer. Pricing is based on which hubs you register and/or the entire CRM suite. The marketing hub, for example, starts at $800/mo for professionals and $3600/month for enterprise customers. Smaller businesses or individuals looking to use the software can sign up for the free version or (much cheaper) option starting at $18 or $30 per month.

Hubspot’s CRM suite is a bundle that includes the different hubs together. The pricing goes like this:

  • Free tools
  • Starter bundle – starts at $30/month
  • Professional bundle- starts at $1600/month
  • Enterprise bundle- starts at $5000/month

monday sales CRM has various pricing tiers depending on desired features and the number of team members (3 seat minimum).

  • Basic CRM – starts at $30/month for 3 seats
  • Standard CRM – starts at $42/month for 3 seats
  • Pro CRM – Starts at $72/month for 3 seats
  • Enterprise CRM – Customized packages built by the sales team
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NetSuite CRM vs. Hubspot: How does customer service work?

If you want to reach out to Netsuite, you have a few options. The support portal and knowledge base are accessible through the cloud service. If you want to reach the customer service team, the options are through phone or email.

If it’s Hubspot that you’re looking to talk to, your options depend on your CRM plan. All plans have access to the community to find answers to FAQs. Starter, professional, and enterprise accounts are also supported by email. If you want to jump on a phone call, you’ll need to have a professional or enterprise account set up. offers two main ways for customers to receive support: the knowledge base and by contacting the team. The customer support team can be reached by filling out a form online and is available 24/7.

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NetSuite CRM vs. Hubspot: What’s the difference in customer reviews?

Hubspot’s ranking on G2 is divided by category, with most coming in at 4.4/5. Customers note that Hubspot is “fast, reliable, and easy to use” as well as “complex but so easy and fun to learn.”  Netsuite CRM has a lower rating of 4.0/5. NetSuite’s customers mentioned that “NetSuite is making life easy for our accounting team” but also that it can be “overwhelming at first”.

And how does monday sales CRM come in on G2? At a whopping 4.7/5! Our users noted that monday sales CRM allows them to “manage your task and projects easily”, that the product is “expensive, but the best I’ve tried” and that they “love it!”.

How do NetSuite CRM and Hubspot compare to monday sales CRM? 

Netsuite CRM and Hubspot are both excellent options when it comes to choosing a business CRM. But, how do they shape up against

Businesses can set up their CRM based on a specific sales process or cycle and add in automations that will save time and boost efficiency. monday sales CRM also offers the chance to centralize client communication by integrating email within the system.

In short, monday sales CRM gives you the chance to support your entire sales process within one, easy-to-use and easy-to-setup system.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Netsuite CRM and Hubspot?

Both Netsuite CRM and Hubspot are CRM systems for small to medium-sized businesses. They help teams hit their sales goals and track their sales pipelines easily.

What is the best CRM for businesses?

The best CRM depends on the specific needs of the business and its various teams. Netsuite CRM, Hubspot, and all provide useful CRM tools for SMBs looking to up their sales game and keep their teams on track.

What is monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM is’s CRM platform. It is fully customizable that is simple to set up and simple to use. Use monday sales CRM to manage contacts, capture leads, track your sales pipeline, and more.

Netsuite CRM vs Hubspot: The bottom line

Netsuite CRM, Hubspot, and monday sales CRM are all popular CRM tools today, each featuring its own advantages and disadvantages.

Monday sales CRM works together with Work OS, giving organizations the chance to have a complete management system under one roof. With a range of pricing options and various third-party integrations, working with and the monday sales CRM, is a clear choice for many organizations getting started in the CRM world.

monday sales CRM prides itself on allowing for automation to keep sales teams on track and focusing on what’s truly important- closing deals. By automating everyday tasks, follow-up reminders and information, and so much more, sales teams stop wasting time and start getting down to business.

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