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The Trello pricing model: how does it work?

Find out everything about Trello's pricing plans and features!

Josh Varon

monday reviews is our latest blog series where we provide the facts about different project management tools; this time, we cover the Trello pricing model. Keep scrolling for our analysis. 

Ah, Trello pricing structures, the topic on everyone’s mind—or at least for those reading this blog. Though Trello is one of the most well-known Kanban-style platforms on the market, it’s worthwhile to see for yourself what you’ll get with your investment.

Typically, organizations spend $10,329 a year ($861 a month) on project management software. For many companies, that’s not an insignificant chunk of change. If you are thinking about adopting the platform, it’s important to look at the product from multiple angles, beyond just the price.

To save you all the back and forth, we’ve put together an overview of Trello’s pricing plans, and the features included in each package. For comparison’s sake, we will also take a look at our own pricing and features.

Let’s start by answering the most obvious question:

Trello pricing: do they have a free version?

In a word, yes. Trello’s free plan offers all of its core features. Without paying a cent, you can create unlimited personal boards, cards, lists, and up to 10 team boards.

Trello pricing

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On Trello’s free plan users can invite people to collaborate with you on boards and add simple automation to tasks — such as an automation that marks all tasks as finished after you move an item to the ‘complete’ column.

But as you might expect, the free version has limitations. The free version means you might not have access to all the features you need to take your work to new heights. And you may quickly outgrow it.

Let’s take a look at the limitations:

  • Unable to export data into Microsoft Excel: You can only export data in a JSON format, which doesn’t load into Excel. This might be tricky for many businesses, given that over 600,000 companies in the US use Microsoft Office software.
  • Limited to 50 command runs (per month) with Butler Automation: Butler Automation allows you to create automations on your board such as rules, buttons, and commands, but users are limited to 50 per month on the free version.
  • Unable to customize your board with custom images: You can change the color of your board, but you won’t be able to upload your own images.
  • Only one Power-Up per board: Power-Ups are additional features that allow you to integrate external apps into Trello such as Slack, JIRA, and Google Drive.
  • Max of 10 MBs for each file attachment: Anything larger than that won’t upload.

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As mentioned earlier, the above describes the free plan. Below, we’ll go through the other plans and what you can achieve with them.

What other pricing plans does Trello offer?

When it comes to Trello pricing plans, there are two paid plans you can choose from:

Trello pricing screenshot

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Let’s take a look at these in more detail:

1. Business Class

Trello Business Class pricing is $12.50 per month per user, or $119.99 annually per user. The Business Class plan has additional features, enhanced security, and administrative controls.

Here’s a short breakdown of what’s included:

  • Unlimited team boards: There’s no limit to how many team boards you have.
  • Admin controls: You’ll be able to create public and private boards and control who sees what.
  • Unlimited Power-Ups: You can integrate as many apps and features into your boards as you want.
  • Trello Gold: All users will also have access to Trello Gold features, including custom backgrounds, stickers, and advanced automation.
  • Bulk data export: You can export as much data as you want in one go in JSON or CSV, so you can use it in excel.
  • Board collections: You’re able to collate groups of boards into collections for your team to use.

2. Enterprise

Trello Enterprise pricing starts at $17.50/user/month if you have at least 20 users. After 250 users, the cost per user decreases. If you have 5,000 users, the monthly rate per user is $7.38. This plan is the next step up from Business Class, allowing you to scale and grow your business securely.

Let’s take a look at what’s included:

  • Business Class features: All of the business class features are included as part of the Enterprise plan.
  • Unlimited automation: You’ll have access to unlimited automation and commands.
  • Enterprise admin dashboard: With access to the Enterprise admin dashboard, you can manage boards, teams, and members all in one place.
  • Reports: Access to data on Trello boards, members, and labels within an Enterprise team.
  • Pay per-user: You can pay for per-user licenses instead of a group license.
  • Invoice payments: Instead of having to pay with a credit card, you can opt to pay via invoice.
  • Single Sign-On: The Enterprise plan provides an extra layer of security with SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO).

Are there any alternatives to Trello?

Though Trello specializes in Kanban boards, your team may need something completely different to organize, plan, create, and run workflows. There are many project management software out there, but— no surprises here, we’re big fans of Work OS. offers customers completely customizable products that any team across an organization can use to maximize their efforts.

Let’s take a look at what offers.

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What is is a Work OS —a platform where teams can easily create or customize work software.

With dozens of building blocks like integrations, apps, and automations, you can create exactly what your team needs and get everyone collaborating in no time.

The Work OS is extremely flexible, meaning it’s more than a project management tool. It can also function as a CRM, Scrum board for developers, campaign planner, and tracker for marketing, recruitment, and onboarding tool for HR, and other use cases.

Here’s what else sets apart:

  • In addition to Kanban boards, we also offer views such as: Timeline, Gantt, Calendar, map, form, workload, and more.
  • From personal projects to more complex initiatives, customers can choose from over 200+ free templates to manage their work.
  • Attach files, create documents, notes, or track important information right from inside the platform with monday workdocs.
  • Notify and assign team members tasks, get a high-level view of where your team stands on projects and tasks, or get into the details of who’s doing what.

Now- time to address the elephant in the room: pricing. With all of the above features, is accessible for all kinds of teams?

Let’s go through our pricing structure:

How does pricing work?

Like Trello, all of our pricing plans can be amended based on the number of users. Or, as we like to call them, seats. You can choose from 3 to over 200 seats in any of our pricing plans.

So whether you opt for a Basic or a Pro account, you’ll be able to choose the number of seats you need and the price will change accordingly.

Let’s take a look at our pricing in more detail:

1. Individual plan

This plan is great for individuals or those wanting to keep track of their work. Here’s what you’ll get in our free forever(!) option:

  • Up to two seats: This plan is available for up to two people wanting to manage projects and tasks.
  • Unlimited boards: Boards are where you organize your work–add as many of these as you’d like.
  • 200+ templates: Plenty of templates for every industry. You can even customize the templates to fit your team’s needs.
  • Unlimited docs: One of our latest features —monday workdocs—allows anyone to create and collaborate with your team in real-time. The best part? As you collaborate, all new data is updated with the Real-Time Engine.
  • 20+ column types: Choose between a variety of columns to organize and run your workflows from People, Status, Date, and more!
  • iOS and Android apps – Get access to your boards and work on the go.

2. Basic

This one’s perfect for a small team to organize and perform their work smoothly and efficiently. The basic plan has three seats and starts at $8 per seat per month. It includes everything under the Individual plan, plus:

  • Unlimited free viewers: Invite as many people as you want to see your progress and workflows without worrying that they’ll accidentally alter your information.
  • Unlimited items: On, we call our rows within the boards ‘items.’ Any item can be anything you want—a customer, project, task, and so on. Use as many items as you need to create your perfect board.
  • 5 GB file storage: We offer plenty of storage to save all of your important files, documents, and images.
  • Prioritized customer support: Our customer support is unmatched, we offer help 24/7 for those who need some extra guidance.
  • One dashboard: Get data-driven insights based on one of your boards and show this data in a variety of ways.

3. Standard

The Standard is our most popular plan. Choose this bundle if you need a way to collaborate and optimize your team’s processes. Prices start at $10 per seat per month. This one includes Basic plus:

  • Timeline and Gantt views: Get a visual view of all your upcoming work and use the Gantt chart to make sure you’re hitting all your deadlines.
  • Calendar view: A visual calendar can help you manage all of your upcoming work. This format is great for managing campaigns, events, due dates, and more.
  • Guest access: Invite outside users to collaborate on certain projects without giving them access to your full account.
  • Automations: With 250 actions per month, you can create any recipe you need to automate repetitive work. Say goodbye to those email updates.
  • Integrations: Integrate your favorite tools with and get all your work onto one platform. This plan comes with 250 actions per month.
  • One dashboard that combines five boards: Show your information from five different boards on one intuitive and easy-to-read dashboard.


One step up from the Standard plan, the Pro option is made for those who want to streamline and manage complex workflows. For $16 per seat per month, you’ll get all of the Standard features as well as:

  • Private boards and docs: Additional private settings mean you can keep boards and docs visible to only you and those you invite.
  • Chart and graph view: This is a great way to analyze your information from multiple boards in an easily digestible format.
  • Time Tracking: Optimize workflows to better manage your resources by knowing how much time you and your team spend on each task.
  • Formula column: Eliminate the need for spreadsheets—the Formula column lets you perform data calculations right from your board.
  • Automations: Find even more ways to save time with and eliminate manual work with 25,000 actions per month.
  • Integrations: Work with all of your favorite tools on with 25,000 actions per month.
  • A more robust dashboard: The Pro Plan allows you to create a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards so you always have the data you need when you need it.


We know that an enterprise-level business requires that little bit extra in order to keep up with scaling and growing the business. That’s why we offer our tailored Enterprise plan that comes with:

  • Enterprise-scale automations and integrations: This plan includes 250,000 automations and integration actions per month.
  • Enterprise-grade security and governance: Top-tier security features and user management controls keep your information secure and protected.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting: Slice and dice anything you need and get actionable insights from your data.
  • Multi-level permissions: Take full control over your accounts with robust permissions at every level.
  • Premium support: Not only do enterprise customers receive our award-winning support, but we also prioritize them in queues.
  • A dashboard that combines up to 50 boards: Pull high-level insights from up to 50 boards per dashboard.
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To figure out the perfect solution and price for your team and budget, jump over to our pricing page and play around with the different options available.

The Trello pricing model: is it right for you?

Now that we’ve gone through both and Trello pricing, what are your options? Will you go for a platform with limited functionality or a Work OS that allows you to build the product you need for your team, even as you scale?

Get a hands-on glimpse into how’s software and plans stack up with the Trello pricing model: try our platform now, the first two weeks are on us!

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Josh Varon is an Enterprise Product Consultant at Previously from New York City and now living in Israel, he collaborates with clients in EMEA to help optimize their workflows and internal processes. When not working, he enjoys yoga, riding his bike, and a good book.
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