Thinking about getting Airtable as your project management software? We know that it may get confusing when going through all the pricing plans and features.

That’s why we’ve written a short but detailed review of Airtable’s pricing plans and how you can choose the best one for your organization. In case you want to explore other options, we’ve also mentioned how is a powerful alternative to Airtable.

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What is Airtable?

Airtable is a cloud-based collaboration tool that lets users organize, store, and manage data with a customizable and easy-to-use interface. Along with standard project management features like commenting and real-time editing, provides a range of advanced features and integrations for a smoother workflow.

Airtable is a great tool for teams looking to create apps with a shared database in a structured way and without IT resources.


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How much does Airtable cost?

Airtable comes in three different pricing structures. Users have the option to pay monthly or annually and it is on a per-user basis. The three pricing options are:

Plus: $10 per seat/month billed annually. Or $12 per month billed monthly.

Pro: $20 per seat/month billed annually. Or $24 per month billed monthly.

Enterprise: Quote available on request.

Airtable pricing

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For Plus and Pro plans, you will be charged for all collaborators who have edit or comment access in the workspace and no charges will be taken for read-only collaborators. If they are added with edit permissions partway through the month, it will be charged for those days they were collaborators.

For Enterprise plans, charges apply to collaborators with read access as well.

Is there a free version of Airtable?

Yes, Airtable comes with a free plan. Start with this plan if you want to explore Airtable before committing to a premium plan. The free forever plan of Airtable comes with unlimited databases with 2GB storage and you can add up to 5 users. The interface can be arranged into different views such as grid, calendar, gallery, and kanban.

Airtable also offers discounts to qualifying educators, students, and non-profit institutions, which are available on request. You can also try the premium plans for free before subscribing.

Features included in each Airtable pricing plan

Every premium plan offers unlimited database, number of users, a drag-and-drop interface, and customer support across multiple devices. The variable features for each pricing plan are mainly records per base (a record in Airtable is like a row in Spreadsheet), number of integrations, and storage.


This is the lowest premium pricing plan Airtable offers. It includes everything in the free plan and:

  • Fundamentals: 5000 records per base, 5GB attachment space per base, and 6-month revision history

  • Extensions: Choose 3 extensions per base

  • Automation & sync: Sync data from upto three external sources, Run up to 5000 runs per month

  • Support: Initial response time of 24 hours

This is a good choice if you are just looking for a platform to manage your workflows and don’t need many integrations.


The pro plan of Airtable comes with everything in plus and:

  • Fundamentals: 50,000 records per base, 20GB attachment space per base, and 1-year revision and snapshot history

  • Gantt, timeline, and personal views

  • Extensions: 10 extensions per base

  • Sync & automation: 50,000 runs per month, premium integration – Jira Cloud, multi-source syncing

  • Granular interface permissions

  • Customizations: Expanded color and format options, advanced calendar features,

  • Editing and permission: Password and domain-restricted shares

This is Airtable plan is best for you if your team works on multiple projects simultaneously and needs to integrate more than 3 external tools with the project management software.


The Enterprise plan is available on request and has the best features Airtable offers. It includes everything in Pro and more:

  • Fundamentals: 250,000 records per base, 1000 GB storage, and 3-year revision history

  • Interface: Group-level user management and admin panel support

  • Extensions: Unlimited

  • Automation & sync: 500,000 runs per month, unlimited sync integrations, 20 synced tables per base, premium integration – Salesforce and Tableau

  • Admin: Enterprise-wide admin panel, unlimited workspace, SSO authentication

  • Support: 12 hours response time

  • Ongoing success program: Customer success manager, business reviews

  • Professional services: Consultation with Airtable experts, custom base training, base build services

Go for a custom Enterprise pricing if you need to manage large teams across the organization.

Airtable vs. pricing is a project management software that offers features to help you ​​manage all your teams’ work in one place, optimize team processes, and streamline workflows. It is an affordable, powerful alternative to Airtable with a similar pricing plan — based on the number of users and features preferred.

According to user reviews, has a unique and intuitive user interface that can be customized with columns, details, and shortcuts. The mobile app we offer is also highly popular among users as it gives them access to their projects on-the-go.

Here’s an overview of the pricing packages of

  • Basic: $8 per seat/month billed annually.

  • Standard: $10 per seat/month billed annually.

  • Pro: $16 per seat/month billed annually.

  • Enterprise: Custom quote available on request

Unlike Airtable, does not have a free plan. However, the premium plans are more affordable and you have more options. We also have a free student program which can be availed by university/college students, student organizations, fraternities, and sororities.
Airtable and both have per user pricing, and you can pay on either a monthly or annual basis — the latter comes with a discount.

Airtable and both have per user pricing, and you can pay on either a monthly or annual basis; the latter comes with a discount.

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Which is the best Airtable plan?

Airtable states that their Pro plan is their most popular pricing option chosen by most customers. The best pricing plan will depend on your business size, frequency of reporting, storage and integrations you need.

Is Airtable worth it?

Airtable is a great project management software for a highly-functional collaborative experience. It is trusted by thousands of businesses across various industries.

Is Airtable expensive?

Airtable comes with affordable pricing plans starting from $10 per seat/month. This increases to $20 per seat/month in the Pro plan. However, this is not the cheapest pricing available in the industry. Other project management tools like offer less expensive options with powerful features.

Is Airtable the best project management software for your team?

Airtable is a great option for project teams who want to align their goals across their team members and departments. It has a flexible UI that you can customize according to your preference and maintain a smooth collaborative workflow. is an excellent alternative to Airtable which comes with unique features not seen on other project management tools. It’s a highly visual platform where you can analyze your team’s productivity with an in-built time tracker, setup default automation (like status change and recurring tasks), and use ready-made templates. And our pricing options suit any kind of business. Sign up today!

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