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Rachel Hakoune

Rachel Hakoune is a Content Marketing Manager at Originally from Atlanta, she is finding the balance between southern charm and Israeli chutzpah.

21 articles published by this author

Tracking project progress efficiently
Task management

3 tips to crush SMB task management with

As a small business owner or manager, you’re already familiar with the grit and creativity it takes to stay...

4 min read

customer profile template Intake form example
CRM and Sales

Customer profile template to reach your target audience

Successful small business owners and marketing managers share a common understanding — you can’t reach...

9 min read

Sick of starting from scratch every time you create a quote? Speed things up with this price quote template from the team at

Price quote template for speedy sales processes

Price quotes are an integral part of doing business in many industries. They help communicate pricing...

8 min read

Featured image of workflow template post

Customizable workflow template for best project...

Workflow templates have become essential for any project. Whatever task your team is working on, you need a...

9 min read

training plan template screenshot

Employee training plan template for onboarding

A business is nothing without its employees — and they succeed best with the right training to guide them....

9 min read

Featured image for test case template
Task management

Test case template for software feature troubleshooting

Whenever you introduce new software features or functions, it’s not always smooth sailing. For example, the...

9 min read

Free work estimate templates to speed up your workflow

Free work estimate templates to speed up your workflow

Work estimates are a vital part of the sales process for construction, repairs, automotive, and various other...

7 min read

Featured image for the business continuity plan template

How to write a business continuity plan template

To avoid the common pitfalls associated with growing a successful business, you’ll need to come up with a...

9 min read


MNDY stock—everything you want to know...

When a company catches your eye—whether it’s for its superb marketing campaign you saw, word of mouth...

5 min read

A debrief on Work OS [+ the comparisons you’re looking for]
Project management

A debrief on Work OS [+ the comparisons you’re...

Change is a good thing, especially in the world of work. Advances in technology and the way we approach work...


The complete demo for 2022

The complete demo for 2022

Test-drives and free trials offer a lot of value for customers — why not try before you buy? The same holds...


work os board and features
Work OS

8+ Work OS features mid-market businesses need

Mid-market businesses find themselves in a unique position—in addition to falling into a company size that...

13 min read