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Define your goals with this free development template

Rachel Hakoune 7 min read
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If you want to be successful, creating specific goals and action plans is essential. This is true whether measuring success in one’s personal or professional life.

The same principles hold when mentoring or leading someone.

A development plan template helps create a personal career path or framework for employees to reach their fullest potential.

This article will discuss the many benefits of development plan templates. We’ll also share a simple development plan template that can be used with Work OS to help achieve goals or support a business, team, or employee.

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Let’s quickly go over a definition for the star of our blog.

What is a development plan template?

A development plan template helps define an overarching goal and create a step-by-step list of tasks required to achieve it.

If a development plan is a roadmap to success, a development plan template is the roadmap to creating that plan.

Why use a development plan template?

The most significant benefit of a development plan template is creating a clear, visual definition of a team or corporate goal and the objectives necessary to reach that goal.

Goals have a direct effect on thoughts and actions.

Setting a goal helps focus energy on the required objectives and may even increase persistence toward success. Research suggests writing down goals is especially important, as it can help make them feel more concrete or attainable.

Development plan templates help define personal, project, or company-wide goals. The diverse applications for these templates make them especially powerful.

What are some examples of development plan templates?

Using a template for a development plan makes things quicker, easier, and more efficient. It also ensures crucial details are not accidentally missed. Whether planning for a project or launching a new stage in one’s career, this is true.

Some examples include:

1. Career development plan template

A career development plan helps start or go further in one’s desired industry. Professional development can look different depending on the career path stage.

The next career development steps will look very different for an entry-level sales rep versus a seasoned project manager versus a CEO.

There’s no definitive “right or wrong” career development plan. Each can be tailored to fit one’s unique wants, needs, talents, and situations.

A career development plan template helps track progress. While a raise or promotion is almost always a good thing, knowing how that good news moves one toward ultimate career goals makes it even more exciting.

2. Personal development plan template

Learning and development can happen outside of the workplace. A template for personal development goals lets team members create a realistic timeline and block out time to learn something new or work towards a significant milestone.

These templates prompt users to write SMART goals and record actionable steps for achieving them, like all development plans.

3. Employee development plan templates

Use employee development plans as company-wide instruments or tailor them toward one employee, depending on the need. These templates help create a roadmap for growth for employees or lay out expectations for growth ahead of performance reviews.

A strong development process helps foster employee engagement. 

Skill gaps may be identified on a particular team. Candidates within the organization can help grow into those gaps.

An employee development plan defines the necessary objectives for those team members to succeed and grow. These types of development opportunities can increase workplace morale.

4. Project management development plan

Once the project goal has been developed, a project management development plan template helps map the scope, establish clear objectives, and create an initial outline or schedule.

This plan can then be shared with team members and stakeholders to get feedback before using the ideas to create more formal documents, such as a project charter.

Get started’s development plan template’s development plan template provides a starting point for creating objectives post-goal definition. Other tools can be used to make career development or project management even more manageable by:

  • Centralizing and planning projects: A work software helps organizations centralize communications, documents, and task tracking to support efficiency and consistency. Customize templates and views to meet specific project needs and work remotely to brainstorm, plan, and schedule efforts.
  • Team collaboration: Leave notes on boards, tasks, or documents, and use color-coding to alert others to changes in status. supports a variety of workflow automations to help move tasks seamlessly through various processes, helping to achieve goals faster.
  • Performance monitoring: The project overview option lets teams see where all tasks are at any given time. Easily monitor performance and make more informed decisions about future actions. View information related to the development plan in various formats or leverage other templates and dashboards for an at-a-glance understanding of the progress.

Our development plan template pairs well with all of these functions to help you achieve success with goals.

However, development plans aren’t suited to every planning situation. So let’s look at a few other templates to help articulate goals.

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Related templates to development plan templates

Whether creating an action plan to enact solutions or a roadmap for bringing a product to market, starting with a template reduces the amount of work and helps create a go-to document.

1. Action plan template

An action plan is a detailed roadmap that outlines the steps necessary to achieve a specific goal. The action plan template provides the framework for your plan. Simply fill in details specific to attaining the goal. This template allows assigning tasks to team members, tracking progress, and clearly outlining how individuals should accomplish particular tasks.

2. Employee training plan template

Our employee training plan template makes the onboarding process easier and more efficient. Well-trained employees work to help companies succeed in everything they do, from achieving short-term objectives to lowering overhead expenses and increasing profits.

The template provides a framework to ensure the onboarding process best suits each new employee’s development.

3. Product roadmap template

Our product roadmap template helps define clear goals for products before and after launch. The template also helps visualize a product from idea to go-to-market readiness.

As the roadmap evolves, it’s easy to edit and update. This helps the team stay on track and up-to-date, ensuring everyone knows their responsibility and works together to achieve a positive result.

Templates can act as a guide for drafting almost any document, and they often help to know exactly what to include.

But not all answers are obvious. Let’s explore some commonly asked questions.

FAQs about development plan templates

How do you write a development plan?

Before creating a development plan, consider who it’s for and what purpose it should serve. Think about short- and long-term goals. Brainstorm by writing those goals down and reflecting on them to get a clear visual picture. Then use a template to put those ideas into a format that’s easy to understand and reference.

What are the critical components of a development plan?

Easily obtained short-term objectives and a more challenging long-term goal are the most crucial components of a development plan. Other vital features include deadlines, alternative solutions, and how each will be measured and tracked.

What are the stages of development planning?

The stages of development planning include:

  1. Gathering information
  2. Issuing paperwork to relevant parties
  3. Drafting the initial plan
  4. Examining the plan and (potentially) collaborating with involved parties to make adjustments
  5. Executing the final plan

Define and achieve goals with’s development plan template

A development plan template helps define and achieve goals across various applications. The template makes planning easier and faster by ensuring projects start with a solid foundation.

Project managers and business leaders are using the development plan template from to streamline the process of defining and achieving their goals. Are you ready for more efficient goal setting?

Rachel Hakoune is a Content Marketing Manager at Originally from Atlanta, she is finding the balance between southern charm and Israeli chutzpah.
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