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Task management

3 tips to crush SMB task management with & Google

Rachel Hakoune 4 min read
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As a small business owner or manager, you’re already familiar with the grit and creativity it takes to stay relevant and reach new customers. Now you might be ready to explore digital growth efforts via direct sales or marketing, but managing all of it can be a task of its own.

Getting started with the right tools that are intuitive and actually made for real people can make a world of difference. In this blog, we’ll cover why task management tools are essential for small business growth and give you three tips on how to use Work OS and Google Workspace to optimize any process.

How do task management tools support digital growth?

Task management is an essential function of businesses of any size, at the very least because it can significantly impact efficiency, profitability, and longevity. In fact, only one-third of small businesses tend to survive for 10 years, due to factors like overspending, failure to meet deadlines, and more — all processes that could be better managed via task management software.

Investing in task management — the core function of your day-to-day business activity —can contribute to long-term success. This is especially true when it comes to either creating or improving your business’ digital presence. In fact, marketers that are proactive about project management are 3.5x more likely to report success.

This makes sense, considering the variety of tasks that go into digital growth — from team member management, file storage, budgeting, and reporting to collaborating with external stakeholders. Small business owners certainly could and should take a page from marketers’ task management book by implementing the right tools to manage these functions.

A Work OS makes it easy to centralize all of these tasks while reducing clutter and chaos and ramping up your process for digital growth.

Read also our guide on task management.

What is a Work OS for small business?

While most people out there have heard of project management software, it’s not to be confused with a Work Operating System, or Work OS. A Work OS is a cloud-based software platform where teams can plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work across all functions of the organization.

The main advantage of a Work OS for SMBs seeking to master task management and boost digital growth? Flexibility.

In the case of Work OS, this is made possible by the ability to:

  • Build or add unique apps
  • Create custom automations for streamlined workflows
  • Finally have one centralized hub for all communication and operations related to running a business
  • Integrate with marketing and social media tools
  • Tap into dozens of time-saving and visual features

Let’s see how you can combine the flexibility of Work OS with a crowd favorite, Google Workspace.

3 tips for improving digital task management with and Google Workspace

Small business certainly does not equal small workload — we’ve compiled three top tips to optimize your tasks related to digital growth, all with the intuitive assistance of Work OS and Google Workspace.

Tip #1 Create templates to re-use for scalable processes

Nobody likes reinventing the wheel — offers 200+ templates in our Template Center to ensure you won’t have to start from scratch for even the most complex workflows.

Start with a base, like our Business Plan Template or Marketing Strategy Template, and customize your labels, colors, automations, and more to move faster towards your goals. Once you’ve created your perfect workflow, you can save the board as a template to be used again and again.

Tip #2 Collaborate with vendors in one workspace

Most SMBs rely on steady vendor relationships and consistent collaboration in order to keep customers happy and operations running smoothly. It turns out that relying purely on emails and phone calls isn’t the best way to do it, either.

With, you can create shareable boards that allow both you, your teams, and external vendors to communicate and execute in the same place, all while automating time-consuming manual work like status updates. Stay on top of everything you need, from sharing files to creating request forms and calculating spend — even on the go with our mobile app.

Tip #3 Integrate with your favorite tools

Arguably one of the most useful features of is our integrations. Integrate with Google Workspace to boost productivity and manage different processes you already have in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar. And now, has a Google Ads integration especially made for SMBs looking to launch Google Ads campaigns quickly and without hiccups.

Rachel Hakoune is a Content Marketing Manager at Originally from Atlanta, she is finding the balance between southern charm and Israeli chutzpah.
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