All successful businesses have so many moving pieces. Whether a brand new business or a change to an existing business, there’s a lot to keep in mind to make sure everything runs smoothly when it’s time to implement the plan.

A business plan is also crucial to secure financing and get to the next stage.

At, we’ve created a business plan template that simplifies the business plan creation process

This article will break down how you can effectively complete the business plan, get the team on the same page, and more easily obtain funding.

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What is a business plan template?

A business plan is a document that outlines the goals of an existing or new business.

A business plan template breaks down every section of a business plan to ensure a smoother writing process. It also explains how those goals will be met once the business officially launches.

Most business plan templates will also provide a section for a timeframe for the development of the business. For instance, the plan can specify:

  • The date of launch
  • Initial cash runway
  • Estimations for how long it takes to turn a profit

Why use a business plan template?

Since 2019, there’s been a decline in Series A investment, the second stage of startup financing for startups but the first stage for venture capital financing.

The end result: New businesses seeking funding from venture capitalists may struggle more than before to get off the ground.

To secure funding, one must show potential investors that your house (business plan) is in order. A business plan helps showcase plans in a precise and concise manner. But business plans aren’t just useful for funding. They’ve got several other benefits, including:

  • Attracting talent: Potential employees take a risk by coming aboard a new company. They want to make sure there is a clear direction.
  • Get everyone on the same page: For companies launching with one or more business partners, the business plan becomes the single source of truth for all parties.
  • Achieve clarity on the future: Clarity isn’t just for investors and talent. It’s also essential to help determine precisely where the new business will go.

A more structured planning process

Why is a business plan template the best solution to create a business plan? First, a business plan can provide structure to the business planning process. Instead of starting from a blank page and drafting whatever comes to mind first, the template serves as a guide through every section.

Maintain consistency

Business plan templates also help achieve consistency for all business plans. Even if the intent is just a single business, there will likely be marketing or strategy efforts plans down the road.

Avoid planning for planning’s sake.

When using a template instead of starting from scratch, more time will be spent working on the plan’s content and less time on “planning the plan.” In addition, creating the proper structure in Excel, Word, or other tools takes time and effort when starting with a blank slate.

Finally, a business plan template can make connecting the plan to other documents easier, especially if the plan lives in 

Have a board with a finalized budget? Instead of writing all those details again, add a column in the business plan template that connects to the budget board.

Done and done.

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What are some examples of business plan templates?

Here are some examples of business plans that are useful in various scenarios. These usually come as a template PDF or spreadsheet.

Start-up business plan template

A startup isn’t just a new business. It’s a specific type of new business. A startup generally disrupts the market. Owners who launch a startup want to grow as much as possible.

Owners of new small businesses may not want to achieve this type of growth. For instance, a local dog groomer may never want to have more than one or two employees on their team. But startup business plan templates usually give you the structure necessary to plan for disruption and growth.

Business plan financial template

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Business growth plan template

A business growth plan template is perfect for existing businesses that want to grow. All plan sections compare a starting point to the final growth goals. Unlike a regular business plan, your existing customers and products are your starting point.

growth plan template

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Strategic business plan template

This type of template focuses on high-level company goals and vision. It also includes an implementation plan for the strategy. Businesses at any stage can use a strategic business plan template.

Business strategic plan template

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Whether creating a strategic business plan for an existing business or working on a brand new startup, having a template to plan out the details is a huge help.’s free business plan template is fully integrated with the other tools necessary to run a successful business. In addition, everything lives on the same platform, so there is no need to jump from a spreadsheet to a PDF and back to another spreadsheet.

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From the business plan template, it’s easy to create other boards on your work OS to create a new environment where work will take place.

example of the business plan template main table view

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Related templates

Here are some other templates that are helpful when starting a business.

Operations plan template

An operations plan outlines how the team will reach business goals. This template type lays out all the usual moving pieces involved in business operations, so there’s no need to leave anything out.

Marketing SWOT analysis template

No marketing SWOT analysis in the business plan? Consider creating one separately. A marketing SWOT analysis template helps outline all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the marketplace and how the marketing strategy can make the most of this reality.

Financial plan template

Plan the company’s finances to create forecasts and budget accordingly with a financial plan template. A financial plan can be standalone, but it’ll usually be included in a complete business plan template. They can also work on finance requests.

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FAQs about business plan templates

What are the 7 elements of a business plan?

Every business plan should at least include the following seven elements:

  1. Executive summary: a brief overview of the company, its mission statement, and why it will succeed
  2. Description of the business: a detailed breakdown of what the company will be, what market and customers it’ll target, what problems it solves, and how it will stand out from the competition
  3. Products or services: a more granular breakdown of what products or services the business will have and what problems they solve (and for whom)
  4. SWOT analysis: the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats the business may face. Be sure to include market analysis for the target market.
  5. Business strategy and implementation: the methods you plan to use to succeed with your business and how you’ll implement them
  6. Breakdown of the management team: a description of each member of the management team with a breakdown of what their role will be in the business
  7. Financial plans: the business model, financial projections, and how much money will be invested

How to write a business plan?

Create a new board using the business plan template with one click. 

Next, fill out each of the seven sections above step by step and add the info into When finished, share the board with other stakeholders for review and signoff.

What should a simple business plan include?

Apart from the seven core elements, most business plans should include a few more things depending on the business type. Writing a lean business plan? It may not be necessary to have much more than the basics. However, a 10-page business plan may need more details.

If asking for funding, include a section that explains the funding requests. How much funding will be necessary? How will those funds be used? Asking for a loan or selling shares of a future business? The startup business plan can also include a marketing plan within the strategy section.