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Task management vs project management 6 min read
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Task management and project management sound similar, but they are two distinct sets of skills that require unique approaches. Understanding the key differences between task management and project management can increase your productivity and guide you to the appropriate systems and templates to better manage your workflows.

In this article, we’ll define these key terms and share some templates on that are suitable for each unique function and offer an array of customization options.

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What is the difference between task management vs. project management?

In short, task management is a component of project management. The primary difference between task management and project management is the scope of responsibilities involved.

Task management refers to managing individual tasks or personal work, while project management involves managing team members and assigning tasks across multiple projects to various individuals to meet due dates.

Task management or project management: how do you choose which is right for you?

Knowing whether you should be approaching work from a task management or project management perspective depends on the scale of the work. Task management is the appropriate approach when tackling work that is completed on the individual level, such as, scheduling or creating your weekly to-do list.

If you’re overseeing the flow of multiple tasks in order to reach a goal and leading a team of individuals who need to complete them, project management tools will be more beneficial.

Get started helps you streamline task management and project management’s powerful Work OS is a customizable, automated platform that centralizes your projects and lets you communicate with team members world-wide in real time.

Our Work OS for project management lets you visualize projects from start to completion, collaborate with stakeholders, and stay within budget by:

  • Adding Gantt charts to track project scope, schedule, milestones, dependencies, and important metrics
  • Creating project dashboards for an at-at-glance view of data for budgets, goals, schedules, and resources
  • Connecting your team’s important tools, such as Salesforce, Jira, and more, with advanced integrations

You can also help your team members stay on track and up to date using for advanced task management by:

  • Collaborating with your project team in a centralized location
  • Assigning tasks to their owners to notify them of new comments or approaching deadlines
  • Automatically converting emails into action items for a streamlined process also has a variety of templates for task management to align your team and increase producitivity. Check out these templates for successful project management:

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Related templates for task management offers several templates to help with high-level task management to personal activities in your day-to-day. Whether you’re breaking down a larger project into more manageable tasks or simply trying to get organized at work,’s task management software and tools are customizable and easy to use.

Daily Task Tracker Template

The Daily Task Manager Template from takes you beyond the scope of a traditional to-do list with integrations to centralize your tools and automate repetitive tasks to save time. It helps your project team members efficiently stay on top of their projects and tasks and improves your task management time-tracking skills by learning to prioritize work accordingly by organizing tasks based on deadlines and importance.

Daily Work Schedule Template

The Daily Work Schedule Template lets individuals or teams easily track and manage daily tasks across multiple projects based on personal responsibilities. The template offers features to increase your efficiency, with color-coded labels and notifications for upcoming due dates similar to a Gantt Chart.

Weekly To-Do List Template

The Weekly To-Do List Template from organizes your daily tasks based on priority, ownership, and due dates. Visualize your upcoming deadlines and tasks for the week with a custom dashboard, and check off tasks as you complete them. Easily drag and drop to reposition tasks and priorities and export the template to Excel or spreadsheets to

Related templates for project management

Project management templates on can help you with any function you need, including  resource management and task allocation, so you can maintain a clear timeline view of your upcoming deadlines to complete projects by their due date. Here are a few of our favorites.

Single Project Template

The Single Project Template from helps managers track their project from inception to completion. You can set milestones and define timelines to better understand the flow of all project phases. When assigned a task, team members receive notifications on project updates and deadlines, The template lets you build groups and organize tasks for each project stage.

Visual Project Milestones Template

The Visual Project Milestones Template from helps you make data-driven decisions by visualizing key events and how each phase will help you reach them, similar to a Kanban board. You can add milestones and project phases with an estimated timeline for completion and color-code statuses column so everyone is on the same page.

Choose the right task management and project management tools for your needs 

With the right tools, project management and task management become easier and more efficient.’s templates can help you better manage a project team with automated, custom workflows to suit your project goals.

Most high-performing teams use some type of project management software to guide them through the process.’s Work OS lets you tailor your workflow in a centralized platform to boost your team’s alignment and productivity. Sign up for a free trial to see how can level up your project team.

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