If you’re tired of your team’s tasks slipping through the cracks, it’s probably time to ditch manual task management and invest in some team task management software. A dedicated task management software paired with some task management best practices will improve you and your team’s communication, productivity, and more.

In this article, we’ll cover what team task management is, how to do it well, and how monday.com can help you achieve your goals.

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What is team task management?

Task management goes beyond checking off items on a to-do list. It’s the process of managing tasks and projects through their life cycle. While planning due dates, testing, tracking, and reporting are a given, prioritizing tasks is also a crucial function. It also involves consideration of deadlines, task dependencies, team priorities, and time.

What’s the difference between task management and project management?

While team task management seems a lot like project management, the processes are actually pretty different. In project management, you’re focused on different project phases and requires a team effort.

Task management focuses on tasks or items completed at an individual level.

monday.com team tasks template

Task management software can help make sense of it all

Team task management software helps you and your team visualize tasks in real-time. You can get a bird’s-eye view and create individual views—like Kanban boards—for each employee to track their own tasks. A typical task management tool will have features for setting up recurring tasks and sharing files and information related to each task.

Teams that use task management software are twice as likely to say their team’s efficiency and communication are excellent. We’ll go over some specific task management tools later, but first, let’s take a look at the basics of team task management.

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How do you manage team tasks?

Even with some team management experience, it’s always a good idea to evaluate and look for opportunities to revamp your task management process.

In this section, we’ll walk you through some classic steps for team task management, no matter what tool you decide to use.

6 steps for team task management

  1. Make a list of all the tasks your team needs to complete. Note which tasks are recurring and which are one-off items. Keep the list confined to the specific time period you’re planning.
  2. List deadlines and timeframes for each task. If you don’t have this information, figure it out before you assign tasks to your team.
  3. Assign a priority for each task. Different priority levels such as low, medium, and high provide a more granular view of what’s important for your team.
  4. Note any other relevant information for each task. This could include task dependencies, important files, or related client information.
  5. Assign each task to a team member. You may need to go over task assignments more than once to make sure each employee has a balanced workload.
  6. Track your team’s progress. Check in with your team regularly to see if you need to make any adjustments.

A modern task management platform can help you manage and automate many of these steps.

monday.com team task list

Planning your team’s tasks in this much detail is key to improving efficiency, communication, and productivity with your team. With this approach, you can avoid time wasted looking for lost information or lack of clarity.

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How team task management software productivity

Managing your team’s tasks with an online tool can help make your work life smoother.

  • Everything will be in one place. When you manage your team’s tasks, you get rid of 10 different to-do lists for 10 different people. Everyone has a single source of truth to refer back to for assignments, deadlines, and other information.
  • You can track progress. A task management system like monday.com includes analytics and customer dashboards (like the one below) so you can see your team’s bandwidth, time tracked, and tasks completed. This data is useful to spot potential bottlenecks.

screenshot of monday.com team tasks overview

  • You can track time. If you do project-based work or need to track billable hours, a task management system lets you do that at scale for your team.
  • You can automate repetitive tasks. Some task management platforms — including monday.com — have tools for automating manual processes. You can set recurring tasks, automatically assign certain types of tasks to specific team members, and a whole lot more.
  • It’s easier to pivot when things change. Instead of manually updating each team member when a deadline or task scope changes, team task management allows you to quickly make adjustments that everyone can see. Your whole team will instantly be on the same page, no matter how many changes you need to make.

Of course, a lot of the benefits of team task management depend on whether you have the right platform or software to get it all done.

monday.com as a tool for team task management and more

There are all kinds of task management apps, tools, and software at our fingertips to make us more productive than ever before. That being said, many of the free plans are limited in both their focus areas and the number of users per month. monday.com is unique as a Work OS that can make team task management easier, while also being adaptable for a wide range of other functions like project management, CRM, and more.

You can set up your task management views in 8 different styles, including Kanban, calendar, and task list options. monday.com also has automation options that make your team task planning so much easier. You can set rules for dynamic assignments, notifications upon task completion, and a lot more.

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monday.com task board with priority levels

Each monday.com workflow includes a place for comments and conversation, and you can share important files there too. Everything you need for a workflow will be in one place where anyone who needs that information can access it.

You can also track time for each workflow within monday.com. As a manager, you can keep an eye on how long everyone is taking to complete their work. monday.com’s integrations help expand your task management system by incorporating email, chat, and more into a single interface—you can even create a new task directly from a Slack conversation or Zoom call.

But team task management is just a glimpse of what monday.com can do for your team.

monday.com does more than team task management

As we hinted at earlier, monday.com is so much more than team task management software. It’s a fully optimized Work OS and digital workspace that is customizable to your team’s needs. This is a platform that is equally good at task management and project management. We’ve focused on task management in this article, but it will work just as well for planning and executing a complex project.

monday.com can fully support features like Gantt charts, task dependencies, and more. There are even dedicated features for Agile teams and software development projects.

monday.com project management template

When you use monday.com as a project management software, you can get a ton of insights into the success and profitability of your projects. Dedicated and customizable dashboards show you exactly the data you need to track your project’s progress.

Since it’s a Work OS, it’s an all-in-one platform for everything your business needs to do and can grow and scales along with it. You can use monday.com as a CRM for the sales team, create processes and workflows for marketing content, and manage IT requests.

You can even onboard clients or new employees, develop creative projects, and run a construction plan with our templates. monday.com grows and scales along with your business. You can build custom apps easily, even with no coding experience, so anyone on the team can jump in right away.

Empowered team task management

An all-in-one Work OS like monday.com will provide you with the guidance you need to keep track of all your team’s tasks and procedures, while still being flexible enough to adapt to how your team works.

With multiple task views, automation options, and hundreds of templates and integrations, monday.com can help you boost your team task management today.