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Creative Workflow

How to add order to your creative workflow without...

Creatives are expert inventors. They excel at imagining, ideating, and bringing novel concepts to life. They...

4 min read

Fundraising Plan

Your step-by-step nonprofit fundraising plan

As a nonprofit, it is important to raise money to keep things afloat and work towards your mission. One of...

10 min read

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management in 2022

If you’re running a nonprofit organization, volunteer engagement and volunteer management strategy should...

6 min read

Nonprofit Software

What is nonprofit software?

Nonprofit software is any system, program, or application that helps nonprofits manage and track their...

11 min read

Grants for Nonprofit

Grants for Nonprofit

Nonprofit grants, also referred to as fundraising grants, are a financial sum given to a nonprofit...

10 min read

Grant Management Tracking

Grant management tracking

If you’re running a nonprofit organization, you know how important grants are. You also know how complex...

10 min read

Grant Management Processes and Tips

Grant management processes and tips

Grants are an incredibly important source of funding for nonprofits. These funds are gifted to a nonprofit...

9 min read

Fundraising Software

Fundraising software: Simplify all your operations in...

Fundraising software, also known as online fundraising or donation software, helps nonprofits manage...

9 min read

fundraising campaign strategy

Fundraising campaign strategies

A fundraising campaign is part of a nonprofit’s strategy to gain funds to keep the organization afloat and...

11 min read

Event Management Software

Event management software solutions for nonprofits

Anyone who works for a nonprofit organization can likely agree on the importance of events. They will admit...

10 min read

Donor management software

Donor management software

Donor management software helps nonprofits raise awareness, manage donors and boost...

9 min read

crm for nonprofits

CRM for nonprofits

A nonprofit CRM (constituent relationship management) tool helps organizations understand and manage all...

10 min read