We were named #1 most promising startup (and other exciting 2017 news)

2017 has been incredible for us at monday.com. If there’s been one defining theme of this year, it’s definitely been growth. Our customer base jumped from 5,500 to now nearly 20,000 paying teams, our own team nearly tripled in size, and we moved to a pretty new office to accommodate us all.

On top of that, we raised another round of funding, changed our name, and made countless improvements to our product. Thank you for your support throughout all of these changes—we’d be nowhere without our incredible community!

It’s also been a big year in terms of media coverage. In case you missed it, here are some of the accolades we’ve been honored to recently receive:

We were named #1 most promising startup of 2017 by Globes  

We were named #3 on Deloitte’s Fast 50 Winners & #15 on Deloitte’s EMEA Fast 500 List

We were named Forbes startup of the week

And in line with our mission to span across all industries and verticals, we were also listed listed as one of the most useful construction software as well l as one of five apps that will help you grow a consulting startup.

2017 may have been an amazing year, but our work is just beginning. As our CEO Roy said in this interview (it’s worth a read!):

“The problem we took it upon ourselves to solve is the way people work together. In the past 15 years, the idea was born that work should be fun, and people should feel that they are making a difference. That’s exactly what’s happening with us. Work on the product is becoming addictive – for example, seeing clearly in a graph how all the tasks are being completed. Our vision is still to solve problems of working together, and I don’t think that we’ll ever solve it completely. We may be the leaders, but there will always be something more to do.”