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A person checking out his inbox for important mails.
CRM and Sales

Email conversion rate: importance, tips, and FAQs

Customer attention is fleeting at best. With a sea of new brands vying for your customer’s attention via...

7 min read

How to build a SaaS marketplace app: 6 steps to revenue-generation
monday app developers

How to build a SaaS marketplace app: 6 steps to...

With app marketplaces booming – and SaaS apps making up 70% of a business’s software – it’s a...

14 min read

NetSuite CRM vs Salesforce: Which is the best choice?

NetSuite CRM vs Salesforce: Which is the best choice?

If you’re weighing up which CRM solution would be the best fit for managing your customer relationships,...

13 min read

sales productivity
CRM and Sales

Building a high-performing sales team: tips for...

Sales is the driving force behind any business. Without a strong sales team, it’s difficult for...

6 min read

Yellow and white project cards on a purple wavy background illustrating how agile project management works.
Project management

What is Agile project management: when and how to use...

Agile project management is a polarizing topic in professional circles. Some are firm believers in Agile,...


a woman looking through her Mac computer
Project management

7 best project management podcasts: The top list

As a project manager, being knowledgeable about industry trends, new techniques, and best practices is...

11 min read

a marketer writing out an email a/b testing campaign on a white board
CRM and Sales

Unlock the power of email A/B testing: Get to know the...

Email marketing is a crucial part of any sales strategy, but are you using it to its full potential? In ...

8 min read

Image of a graduation hat symbolizing a CRM for education.
CRM and Sales

A guide to the best CRM for education

The education sector is awash with data — from student contact details and learning analytics to...

16 min read

Move more processes forward with mobile updates and more
Product updates

Move more processes forward with mobile updates and...

If you’re the kind of person that’s always on the go, might we suggest checking out our latest...

3 min read

How to Keep Your Team Efficient With Task Tracking
Project management

7 features to look for in a client tracker

A client tracker helps teams organize customer — or client or user — data into one convenient location....

7 min read

Person using sticky notes to coordinate a project
Project management

Pro project coordination tips for better results

47% of projects fail, according to research by the Project Management Institute. In most cases, the issue...

8 min read

Two men discussing the content on a laptop.
CRM and Sales

Customer segmentation for B2B sales and marketing

When it comes to selling, you typically want to do more with the least amount of resources possible. Customer...

8 min read

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