How to Manage a Link Building Process With a Remote Team


Today we’re putting the spotlight on Invalley. The company offers effective marketing and link building packages. Its services are designed to ensure that their client’s websites are more prominently displayed in search engines.

Invalley supports marketing agencies all around the world for over four years. They take pride in their campaigns, which bring more visitors to their customers’ websites.

Also, they provide reports that are clear and easy to understand, which tell the story of the progress made in each campaign.

Question: What exactly does Invalley do?

We provide digital marketing agencies with effective link-building campaigns for their clients. When marketing firms need a trusted and capable partner, they outsource their link-building campaigns to us.

Answer: What’s the product’s unique advantage?

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. instead, our link building process and SEO strategies are tailor-made and customized to our clients’ specific needs.

Q: How is Invalley different from its competitors?

A: We are extremely flexible. It doesn’t matter if a client has a $100 or $10,000 link-building budget. We’ll always make sure to deliver work they can be proud to show to their clients. We always find a way to make things work.

Q: Tell us a bit about the company.

A: Invalley was founded in 2010 in The Netherlands. We currently work with a team of 5 people and we love working remotely because it gives us the ability to travel.

We believe everyone in the company should have the freedom to work when and where they want as long as they deliver quality work and take care of our clients. For the last three months of 2015, we managed our remote team to visit four different countries!

As for our customer-base, it’s quite large, but the amount of active campaigns varies, depending on the length and the needs of each campaign. Some clients add new campaigns, so at any given time we might have 10 active clients and 25 active campaigns.

Q: How do you contribute to the success of your customers?

A: Our clients are digital agency owners. Which means they are always busy. The agencies we work with offer their clients a full range of marketing services, so they definitely don’t want to micromanage every backlink that is built for their customers.

To make it easier for our clients, we deliver white-labeled link-building reports, so they can focus on the other important aspects of their online marketing campaigns.

Q: What has been your biggest go-to-market challenge?

A: Launching our custom dashboard. You can see a preview of it here. We’ve had a lot of challenges with finding reliable developers who could complete the dashboard to our satisfaction. Launching it has been our top priority.

Q: What has been your biggest growth engine?

A: We started advertising our services on multiple marketing Forums. When clients started leaving reviews on these forums, the company grew very fast.

We’ve managed to build a good online reputation for ourselves and that plays a major role in getting new customers even to this day. 

Q: What has been your biggest success in the past year?

A: It may sound a bit cliché, but making and keeping our clients happy was our biggest success.

Nothing feels better than receiving an email from a client, telling you how much of a difference your work has made for their business.

Q: How do you use

A: helps us to organize our clients, campaigns into customized operations. We manage each of our monthly campaigns from here, and assign different tasks to the team members who specialize in those particular areas.

We list all active campaigns on one board. We have found this to be the most effective and simplest approach for our business and needs.

We assign a date to each task. Then, each team member picks up their tasks and changes the status fields to reflect the appropriate status update. Everyone just moves towards the end goal of making sure our clients receive their white-labelled reports on time. It’s been instrumental in managing our workflow because it allows us to see how everything is moving forward.

We also like that we can provide comments, documents, screenshots and messages to the task owners under each task. It keeps everything clear and all in one place.

The Right Way to Outsource Your Link Building Process

Q: What pain does it solve for your business?

A: It provides our business with a more streamlined approach to managing our clients’ customized campaigns.

It’s nice to not have to send a bunch of emails back and forth and not have to playing the guessing game of who’s doing what. It’s great not to have to wait for a reply with an update. This way, we can all get a clear picture of what’s going on at all times.

Q: What was “before”?

A: A *lot* of emailing.

Q: How does facilitate success for your company?

A: It saves us time. It’s helped improved communication between team members and it provides us with clear deadlines.

All of this has been used by our team members while in different locations around the world.