From house cat to cheetah: Our product is now 10x faster

Guess what? Our well-fed developers have at long last completed a huge project that’s been in the works for months. We are so thrilled to announce: is now 10x faster, smoother, and overall performs way better.

Boards are the heart of our product and something that we all use on a day-to-day basis. But over time, we’ve noticed that they weren’t quite as fast, slick, and smooth as you all deserve, especially when you’re working with boards that are big and complex.

When a product is slow, nothing else matters. That’s why we’re obsessed with what we call “boom performance”—it’s only fast if it happens in the time it takes you to say “boom.”

So we decided to embark on our largest engineering product ever and rebuild our board infrastructure from scratch with the best technology. It’s been fun, wild, and challenging, but we did it—and we think you’ll love the result.

What does this mean for you?

1. Boards are lightning-fast and beautiful to work with.  

We preserved the product you all know and love, but replaced its engine with something way more powerful and robust. Go wild and add as many columns and rows as you want without fear that it’ll slow down your system. What’s more, dragging and dropping rows and columns is now smooth as butter. It’s like trading in your house cat for an African cheetah. Less meow, more roar. 🙂

2. There are new enhancements to improve your experience

While we were under the hood, so to speak, we decided to optimize a few things. Again, we didn’t change the product dramatically, but focused on small improvements that together, hopefully add up to a better experience. Some of these Easter eggs include:

  • New status picker. And you know what that means? More status colors coming soon! (Omg, omg, omg we know.)
  • The ability to filter by “unassigned” and “blank” status as well as by date and timeline in the advanced board filter
  • You can now resize the first name column of a pulse, making it as big or small as you want.
  • Batch actions now works for the timeline column, as well. Slow clap.
  • When you collapse a group, you can now see how many pulses there are inside.
  • There is a new “archived pulses/groups” section in the board dropdown menu. We plan to add “deleted,” as well.
  • Want to print a board? We improved the print view.

3. We’ll build and release new features even faster

This is arguably the most exciting part. With our old technology, it was becoming complex and time-consuming to develop new features. Now with our shiny new technology, we can release new things to you faster and more frequently than before.

We owe a massive thank you to our dear Beta testers, who have given us invaluable feedback throughout this enormous project. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Read more about our journey here: We’re Rebuilding Our Product from Scratch in React (and You can Try It!)