#hugthepeople: We now have 16,384 paying teams

We now have 16,384 teams paying to use monday.com!

Why is that seemingly random number so significant? Well, as a rapidly growing SaaS (software as a service) company, we’re numbers-obsessed and constantly monitor many KPIs: ARR (annual recurring revenue), CAC (customer acquisition cost)…the list goes on.

It’s OK if your eyes just glazed over a little. We also find that list of acronyms tough to connect with on an emotional level. While all that mumbo-jumbo is definitely mission-critical to our business, we’ve decided to gauge our success with one very human benchmark: the number of teams who use monday.com.

We’re obsessed with our customers. They’re cool people doing cool things, and we’re amazed by the creative, innovative, and brilliant ways they find to use our product. That’s why we have a phenomenal Customer Success Team available to help out 24/7, and our average response time hovers around 6 minutes. (The industry average is 18.2 hours!)

We’re incredibly honored to be the tool of choice for students who build race cars. Entrepreneurs who make very nice t-shirts. Teachers who work to empower neurodiverse children. People are using monday.com to manage their work in ways we never anticipated, and when they say monday.com helps them stay organized, meet their deadlines, and work better together as a team, it’s the best kind of feedback we could ever hope to receive.

So to celebrate our beloved customers, our CEO Roy Man has developed a very sweet (and geeky) tradition. Every time our customer-base increases by the power of two—or doubles, as a normal human might say ;)—he 3D-prints a small trophy for everyone on our team.

Until now, we’ve celebrated hitting the milestone of 512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, and 8,192 paying teams. Earlier this month, we doubled in size once again, reaching 16,384 paying teams. Our 3D printer has been working over time, printing out over 80 (!) cute little trophies with dragon wings, inscribed with the mantra #hugthepeople. It’s a reference to one of our very favorite customer testimonials—”monday.com for online project management…I want to hug the people that created this!”—and is also fitting for how we feel about our customers in return.

This milestone is bittersweet, because it’s the last of its kind that we’ll be celebrating. We’re no longer the small and scrappy startup we once were, and it’s not enough to measure our success based on the quantity of our customers alone. It’s time to choose a metric that speaks to the quality of our product and the service we’re providing. We’re not sure yet what our new KPI will be—perhaps the number of happy customers—but in the spirit of transparency, we’ll be sure to let you know when we figure it out.

Thank you so much for being along with us for the ride—we’d be nowhere without our incredible community 🙂