What if Game of Thrones used monday.com?

From relationships to mortal status, it can be hard even for diehard fans to keep track of where everything stands in Game of Thrones.

We stopped to wonder what kind of boards the GOT characters would create if they used monday.com. After all, they have a lot to keep track of. So naturally, we created a few example boards, and had to share them with you. 🙂

*Spoilers ahead! If you’re not all caught up with the latest episode, proceed with caution.*

Board owner: Samwell Tarley
Location: Citadel
The problem: It’s hard to remember who’s been king (or queen), when, and for how long.

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We couldn’t find a simple timeline anywhere that gives a clear and visual overview of who ruled when. So we did a little digging and created one ourselves. For the sake of simplicity, here in this timeline, one year equals one day. That makes it easy to see with a glance that Joffrey, for example, ruled for a very short period of time in comparison to Robert or the Mad King.

Board owner: Arya Stark
Current location: On her way to King’s Landing
Problem: So much to avenge, so little time

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We listed out everyone’s who Arya’s determined to kill, and then added a simple status column of “done,” “working on it,” or “stuck.” We also added a text column to add the location of each person, so if Arya wants to be efficient on her mission, she can filter that column and see who’s located in the same area. We’re tracking her motives with the yet-to-be-released tags column (stay tuned!).  Finally, we’re using the numbers column to tally up her body count.

Board owner: Cersei
Location: King’s Landing
The problem: Now on the throne, Cersei needs to track contenders to stay on the throne

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Fighting to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms is a long and arduous process, so we decided to map it out here. Isn’t it surprising how few real contenders there are?

And finally, because we couldn’t resist…

Board owner: Hodor
Current location: Hodor
Problem: Hodor

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Have an idea for a Game of Thrones board? We’d love to see it! And remember: Winter is coming. Valar morghulis. Dracarys!