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CRM and Sales

How yuka ecommerce added $1.5 million to its yearly revenue with

Laura Binder 4 min read
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Christine Theriot

“There isn’t a price I wouldn’t pay for this kind of efficiency.”

Founded in 2001, Yuka provides marketing, sales, strategy, and other services to brands that want to expand into the ecommerce world. They’ve worked with high-profile platforms such as Gilt, Amazon, Groupon, Rue La La, and Living Social to help brands increase sales and gain recognition. Director of Operations Christine Theriot shares her experience with and how it helped them exceed their profitability targets.

The problem: “Over the past two years, we’ve grown rapidly as a company and have been desperate to find a way to hold everyone on our team accountable for what they were supposed to be doing. We have 15 different people in sales, 3 different managers dispersed throughout various locations, an accounting department, a team dispatching merchandise from the warehouse… it’s a pretty big operation. We were exhausted by creating Excel sheet after Excel sheet just trying to track everyone’s to-dos. We needed a clearer and more effective way to communicate.”

The hunt: “When you’re looking for a new tool, the hardest struggle always is: how are we going to make people use it? Nobody ever wants to use a new software that monitors their accountability. Every other solution we found was extremely Excel-based and not very engaging or interactive to use.”

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Immediate addiction: “I only wish we had found sooner. It’s so visually engaging and fun to use. Rather than resisting it, people were actually excited to use it so much right from the very start. It really formed the foundation of how we built communication in our company. Yes, we required our whole team to get on board with it, but the fact that they really want to is an amazing added bonus.”


Skyrocketing productivity: “ allows us to visually manage our entire company’s roadmap from A to Z. All the departments use it in different ways but it provides one cohesive and way to communicate.

The number-one thing has helped us with is productivity. My warehouse is more productive because it’s clear exactly what needs to be shipped and where; my sales team is more productive because they care about maximizing their work; and our accounting department is more productive because they have visibility on all channels. has dramatically enhanced the productivity of the overall company.”


The results: “Since we started using six months ago, we’ve exceeded our profitability targets. We were making $300,000 a month and now we’re making $425,000. We also have fewer meetings and less email because everything is in the software. We are forever and eternally grateful for—thank you for putting things in perspective!”

Her favorite part of “My favorite part of is that I really enjoy using it! It’s so easy-to-use and well-designed. It makes everything so instant, accessible, and easy.”

How she would describe “ is a story-telling, productivity, and efficiency tool that is an ingenious creation to integrate everything that a businessperson needs. Then it puts a playful, easy-to-use twist on it.

You get to create your own stories, whether you want a board to be a to-do list, for purely development, or a purely social board. It’s really up to the user; there’s so many ways you can use the software, it’s not just limited to one type of productivity. You make it what you want.”

Final thoughts: “We’re really passionate about; it’s really helped our company grow over the past few months. Also, you guys have a rockstar support team—you always go above and beyond.”


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