The Visual Bug Tracking Software

Take control of your system's bugs to keep your users happy :)

Bug Tracking Software

Bug tracking made visual

Track all bugs in one place, visualize the big picture, figure out what's stuck, and what's already in production in a super simple way.

Your team will have a clear overview of various bug statuses and will easily be able to add, update and assign bugs with minimal effort.

Visual Bug Tracking Software

Filter and prioritize

Filter bugs by any parameter to get a progress overview. See how many bugs are open, closed and #done. View how many bugs each developer has on their daily list and which area of your product needs the most attention.

Prioritize bugs simply by "dragging and dropping" them down the board to make sure that your team is working on the most impactful bugs for your users.

Filtering and prioritizing with's bug tracking software

Customize your workflow

Create the right workflow for your team. The bug tracking workflow can be built in stages of statuses, assignees and due dates. Create different workflows for projects to get the perfect fit for the specific project's needs. Edit various workflow stages, orders and transitions with a single click.

Report on projects's bug tracking software

Communication is key

Communicate with your team to ensure everyone has all the data they need to fix every bug. When everyone is on the same page, things get done more efficiently and effectively.

Share videos, screenshots and files describing the problem.

Get notifications when bugs are assigned to you or their status is changed, so that all bugs can be fixed super fast.

Improve communication with's bug tracking software

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Identify weak spots

When the bugs queue starts piling up, it can be challenging to narrow down the problematic areas of your product.

With tags, you can identify where your weak spots are and give them more attention.

Identify weak spots with's bug tracking software

Consolidate in one place

Using one tool is the best way to keep everyone on the same page. Instead of using different tools to manage bugs, scrum boards and a product roadmap, use one that meets all of your needs.

Keep all communication in one place and avoid using excessive emails. The whole company can use one centralized tool which will save everyone time and money.

Consolidate tasks with's bug tracking software