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How to optimize your marketing funnel to drive profit 

How to optimize your marketing funnel to drive profit 

How are you getting sales? What’s the path your traffic and leads take to submitting their credit card...

10 min read

CRM platform CRM tool illustration of person communicating with remote team members

What is a CRM platform? +3 leading CRM tools

Think about every customer interaction—meetings, phone calls, emails, and text messages. Each conversation...

9 min read

Top BPM software solutions for businesses

Top BPM software solutions for businesses

Back in the early 1900s, Henry Ford changed things up at his factories. By having each member of his team...

8 min read

Project management plan graphic.

7 tips for better marketing project management

Whether you’re a certified project manager or you just got thrown into the position, managing marketing...

8 min read

The official guide to a marketing environment

The official guide to a marketing...

When was the last time you assessed your marketing environment? Often, profit depends largely on marketing;...

7 min read

desk with different hands working and writing

A guide to B2B marketing: 5 best practices

Think of those new shoes that you want to blow your savings on or that totally-worth-it fancy knife set...

9 min read

Get more work done with agile project management.

Agile project management: manage projects and get work...

Continuous iteration. Those two words are at the heart of the agile approach, an overarching philosophy or...

8 min read

sales mamnagement seo piece oct. 4 blog cover
Project management

The secret to successful sales management

What really drives sales success? Experience, professionalism, and expertise about the product or service...

8 min read

different scrum meetings 120 seo blog cover

The different types of Scrum meetings — for beginners

Communication and good project management go hand in hand. Therefore, meetings are an essential part of...

7 min read

Photo of a Scrum Sprint board on an office window.

What is a Scrum Sprint? [2022 Guide]

Despite what it sounds like, a Scrum sprint has nothing to do with either rugby or track and field. A...

6 min read

How to run a daily Scrum meeting your team won’t hate
Software development

How to run a daily Scrum meeting your team won’t hate

If you’ve ever watched a football game you know what happens before kickoff — the huddle. Both teams...

8 min read

scrum values post its

The 5 Scrum values and how to implement them

So you’ve decided to implement the Scrum framework in your company. If you do it without internalizing the...

7 min read

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