Products are never static. Instead, they evolve over time to meet the needs of customers and the overall market.

A product roadmap is a detailed plan of how a company will develop its product or solution. It’s the guidepost, the shining light that shows every team within the organization how it will get from point A to point B. The product roadmap ensures everyone is pointed in the right direction and on the same page.

The product roadmap (sometimes referred to as a product plan roadmap) touches all teams within an organization, from customer success to finance to marketing. Specifically: 

product roadmap

  • Customer Success: provides current customer insights and desires
  • Sales: relays what prospects are saying about current needs
  • Finance: determines what is fiscally reasonable
  • C-Suite: sets the overall direction for the company/product
  • Product: helps guide what is actually possible
  • Marketing: ensures the product messaging is consistent and accurate

Product roadmaps can also be used by sales and customer success teams to build excitement for what’s coming down the pike. 

  • Sales: Can leverage upcoming features and enhancements to the product to entice buyers to either purchase now or to stay in the buying cycler.
  • Customer Success: Can absorb customer feedback into product roadmap to show the influence current customers have in enhancing the product. 

Product roadmaps can be created using an endless array of tools. From a simple spreadsheet to a more complex, robust software solution. Many organizations — including — offer product roadmap software (or “roadmap software”) that makes it easier to build, track, and quickly edit product roadmaps.

What does a powerful, award-winning product roadmap software look like?

Or more generically, what is product roadmap software?

Product roadmap software helps teams plan and visualize their product roadmap, so they can reach every milestone.

It also allows for easy collaboration and communication between teams and ensures quick and flexible updates.

Here’s an example of what’s product roadmap platform looks like:

how to create a software product roadmap

And to be clear, this above screenshot is a high-level view of a product roadmap. As detailed below — in both words and screenshots — there are many ways to dig into the details of each section of the roadmap.

How to create a software product roadmap

Building a product roadmap from scratch can be overwhelming. Where to start? How to start? 

Eliminate the tough questions by choosing a template from the pool of intuitive product roadmap software templates templates enable teams to begin visualizing what their product roadmap will look like.

But the template is really just the tip of the iceberg.

The next step is to customize your template to fit your company needs. A customizable workflow empowers everyone in the organization to see who’s working on what and when. Quickly and seamlessly assign teammates to new tasks and action items, set due dates, reorder based on priority (with easy-to-see, color-coded labels). The solution uses drag-and-drop technology helping your company create a tailored plan to fit your needs.

[’s product roadmap software] … “offers fast and very customizable management, especially … when it comes to team tasks added to each project.” — via Keila M. on G2 Crowd

And now, the fun part: execute your plan by assigning team members to each action item. Easily monitor your plan’s progress at every stage. Status conditions can include, but are not limited to “working on,” “validated,” “research,” “waiting for review,” and “Done.” 

Note: You can easily customize the status options to fit your company needs and/or specific product plan.

Product roadmaps can be messy AND chaotic AND hard to follow.’s product roadmap software templates eliminate complexity and disorder while offering streamlined, fluid, product planning. Our templates help your team access all targets, tasks, people, and timelines — for multiple products —- in one, easy to find location. 

Know exactly where your product stands with one click. 

BONUS: Easily adjust your view to see the very fine details or take a step back for the 30,000-foot view. It’s up to you and your team — track project progress that way that best suits your style.

DOUBLE BONUS: Collaborate in real-time. Work together more efficiently. The platform makes file-sharing easy. We house comments and feedback in one central place, mentioning all relevant teammates with automatic notifications on every update.

Product roadmaps are an essential tool for any organization — small or large. While they can be daunting to create, there is no need to be overwhelmed.’s got your back AND the template you need to get started immediately.


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