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Rebecca Noori

Rebecca Noori is an experienced freelance writer who specializes in writing and refreshing long-form blog content for B2B SaaS companies. When she's not writing, you'll find her knee-deep in phonics homework and football kits, looking after her three kids!

25 articles published by this author

10 best Slack alternatives

10 best Slack alternatives

Gone are the days of sending letters, dialing fax machine numbers, or tapping telegrams to communicate with...


Data enrichment Benefits and best practices
CRM and Sales

Data enrichment: Benefits and best practices

When Christopher Columbus set out in 1492 to discover a westward route from Europe to Asia, he accidentally...

8 min read

Customer onboarding guide best practices metrics and FAQs
CRM and Sales

Customer onboarding guide: best practices, metrics, and...

You’ve nurtured the lead, closed the sale, and are ready to watch the revenue roll in. It sounds like...

10 min read

What is a resource breakdown structure Guide  template
Project management

An inside look into resource management

If you want to go on sunny vacation — don’t we all — you’ve got to make sure you’ve got all the...


Asana project management features integrations and pricing

Asana project management: features, integrations, and...

A reliable and collaborative project management platform streamlines all the essential elements of your...


Mass email definition best practices and FAQs
CRM and Sales

Mass email: definition, best practices, and FAQs

Mass email has been around longer than the internet. In May 1978, Marketing Manager Gary Thuerk sent a mass...

8 min read

Smartsheet project management features pricing and alternatives

Smartsheet project management: features, pricing, and...

The ability to plan, coordinate and track tasks effectively is the cornerstone of project management success....


This image shows several knowledge workers sitting around a large desk discussing work management vs. project management best practices.
Work management

Work management vs. project management: The definitive...

Does your team excel at handling projects, going above and beyond to meticulously plan every detail, from...

8 min read

What is work management 8211 an introduction
Work management

What is work management – an introduction

Effective work management is an orchestra that brings vital processes, projects, tasks, and resources...


What is Agile project management when and how to use it
Project management

What is Agile project management: when and how to use...

Agile project management is a polarizing topic in professional circles. Some are firm believers in Agile,...


Image of a graduation hat symbolizing a CRM for education.
CRM and Sales

A guide to the best CRM for education

The education sector is awash with data — from student contact details and learning analytics to...

16 min read