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Project management

How blockchain will change project management

If you think about blockchain, it’s usually in relation to cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, where the...

7 min read

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6 Productivity Systems You Should Know

Search “productivity books” and you will get results like the below. These are actual article...


Trois façons efficaces de mieux gérer votre temps

Trois façons efficaces de mieux gérer votre temps

Nous nous retrouvons souvent obligés de travailler au delà des heures de travail, et dans la plupart des...

2 min read

journal with pencil

How to improve productivity with time batching

Do you ever try working on a project but find it hard to stay focused? Next thing you know, you’re...

7 min read

Slack vs. Teams: which is the best chat app?
Remote work

Slack vs. Teams: which is the best chat app?

Slack and Microsoft Teams are both web-based collaboration software tools that offer chat, shared workspaces,...

8 min read

dark scrum
Software development

Defeating the power of dark Scrum

Agile web developer and interaction designer Roger Saner recalls how he was once “forced to do dark...

6 min read

Great Managers Focus on Outcomes

Why great managers focus on outcomes, not output

Does your to-do list today give you a full picture of the scope of your job? Does it accurately portray...

8 min read

Good manager characteristics

Characteristics of a good manager

Promotion to your first managerial position or new job as a project manager? Congratulations. Your...

6 min read

How to Manage a CS Team

Melissa Majewski from shares: managing a CS...

The customer success team has become one of the most important departments for any customer-centric company....

6 min read

A report: the state of workplace automation

A report: the state of workplace automation

With Americans logging longer hours at work than their international peers, the opportunity for automation of...

3 min read

Constructive Feedback

How to give constructive feedback to your employees

Like it or not, praising and criticizing employees comes with the territory of any leadership position. And...

6 min read

Traits of a Great Manager

8 traits of a great manager

Have you ever been in a job interview and been asked to describe your best and worst manager? You probably...

7 min read

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