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Tips for marketers for cross-team collaboration

It can be tricky navigating different teams as a marketer – and incredibly challenging to collaborate in a...

8 min read

The best project management software for nonprofits in 2022

The best project management software for nonprofits in...

When running a nonprofit, you need to wear many hats and operate in many ways, from task management to team...

8 min read

new subitem features blog cover
Product updates

How to supercharge your workflow with subitems

Looking for ways to put some zing in your workflow? May we suggest: if you haven’t used Subitems in one...

4 min read

3 free task manager tools that can help your team get their best work done

3 free task manager tools to inspire your team’s...

If you’re a project manager or leading a small team, the list of tasks to get through every day can...

8 min read

Using a shared calendar app in 2021

Top shared calendar app for 2022

Shared calendar apps are the baseline of time management for most businesses today — without them, working...

8 min read

What to look for in a task planner
Task management

What to look for in a task planner

Task planners tend to take a different shape for everyone— a to-do on a Post-It note, a reminder on a...

10 min read


Top 8+ marketing metrics to track in 2022

As a marketer, you know that marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial. You need to...

6 min read

Dependencies recipes support subitems

Dependencies recipes enhancements, more Kanban columns,...

As you may have heard, is now a public company! If anything, this has made our prodigious R&D...

3 min read

desk person

How to choose a project management software: a 10 point...

A great project management tool can make a world of difference for your team’s productivity and efficiency....

10 min read

The best structure for highly effective marketing teams

The best structure for highly effective marketing teams

In the digital marketing era, modern marketing teams are undergoing a rapid evolution — how they work, what... ipo

A letter from our founders: is now a...

Today we are celebrating a very exciting moment for Making a public company is, in...

4 min read


How to use recognition to strengthen your team

When was the last time you received a “good job” from your team leader or a coworker? Employee...

6 min read

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