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CRM and Sales

Top 6 sales tips to supercharge your sales team

John Bogna 8 min read
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At its best, sales has always been people-focused work. Those who do it best know that it isn’t about pushy tactics, it’s about helping people get what they need through the product or service they provide. If you’re new to sales or running a startup, you may not know where to start building that customer relationship — or you might be looking for ways to improve.

Lucky for you, is here to help with 6 of our top sales tips for supercharging your sales team — plus monday sales CRM to support you. Let’s get started.

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Sales tips that work

Like a fine-tuned machine, supporting a sales team’s success involves a lot of moving parts. Even if you’re running a sales team at an established business, it never hurts to stay on top of trends and changes in the industry. In fact, 22% of sales leaders said using their CRM to its fullest potential was a top priority in 2022, and 32% of professionals in sales said a CRM helped them keep track of leads, according to Hubspot data.

So what can you do to be at the top of your sales game, and how can technology help? Read on for our top tips.

Sales Tip 1: Get personal

Letting people know that you see them as individuals and not just cogs in the sales machine doesn’t require a huge amount of effort and it can make a world of difference. Try personalizing emails to increase open rates — it’s a proven tactic in A/B testing by the sales firm, Outreach.

Beyond that, make sure you’re prepared with relevant and specific questions when you’re with them on a call. Be present and actively listen so you can better deduce what their needs are. If they aren’t sure what they need, be able to help them identify those needs. From there, it’s a short step to figuring out how your product can help solve that pain point.

Sales Tip 2: Take advantage of social media

A tried and true sales adage you’ve probably heard by now is, “meet customers where they are.” Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, there are literally millions of people you can reach via your social channels.

According to HubSpot, more than half of sales professionals look for new prospects on social media, and over 60% of them say they find leads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. So it’s worth it to invest some time in creating social accounts and content to post on those accounts. You don’t have to try and emulate every passing trend to increase leads with social, either — just be consistent and establish your own voice.

Sales Tip 3: Automate, automate, automate

Between research, making calls, coming up with content for social, and the million other things that come with being a sales professional, any opportunity to take back time by making things easier is worth it.  Automations are one of the absolute best ways to do that. Whether that’s a series of ecommerce emails designed to maintain customer loyalty or internal automations that simplify project management, there’s nobody that a little automation can’t help.

Say you run an online store that sells custom t-shirts. When someone buys a shirt, they get a personalized thank-you email addressing them by name, with a tracking number to update shipping and a refresher on your return policy. Then a separate timed email asking them for a review. Then maybe a coupon offer. This lets people know you value their business, establishes credibility, and keeps them in the loop.

monday sales CRM features makes it simple to set up custom, internal automations for smooth collaboration, for example:

  • Weekly creation of task boards
  • Notifications for upcoming due dates
  • Notifications upon task completion

You can also integrate with apps like Mailchimp to create a streamlined email marketing campaign.

Try monday sales CRM

Sales Tip 4: Follow up

It is much, much easier to keep existing customers than bring in new ones — even though prospecting for leads is part of the gig. Following up with people who’ve just bought from you for the first time, or are considering a purchase, can be the thing that finally turns them from prospective buyers to customers.

According to data from marketing firm Invesp, 80% of sales require multiple contacts before people make a decision, yet 44% of sales professionals only make a single follow-up call; 48% don’t follow up at all.

The key is striking a balance between too much and too little. Also, people may be more receptive to other means of contact than a phone conversation, like a follow-up email. Don’t be afraid to ask people during a call or demo what their preferred method of contact is.

Sales Tip 5: Track your progress

With a team of people working on multiple projects or multiple teams if your sales department is big enough, you need a way to keep track of what’s going on. Setting benchmarks, measuring progress, and then checking that progress against your original goal is an excellent way to determine what your strengths and weaknesses as a sales team are — and plot ways to improve them.

A work management platform like can help you see who is responsible for what task, what progress has been made, what the goals are, and what the due dates are, all in one place.

Sales Tip 6: Communicate effectively

Effective communication should be a cornerstone of your sales team and, by extension, the software your team uses. Your sales team should be able to communicate effectively across multiple platforms and send each other relevant information.

This includes things like:

  • Visibility into assigned task owner or owners
  • Customizable statuses for deal stages and more
  • File sharing and uploads
  • Commenting on specific tasks or annotation features for assets
  • The ability to post real-time updates is highly customizable and can be configured for anything from sales accounts to project management. All of this helps people know what their role is, and what’s expected of them, and allows them to get information to other team members quickly.

How monday sales CRM can help you put these sales tips to work

monday sales CRM  lets every member of a sales team plot their work out in a way that makes sense to them. They can set and track goals, see who’s responsible for which account, and quickly send relevant client information to one another without leaving the app — all while having their pipeline laid out right in front of them.

Features like curated templates — you can choose from 200+ — and email integration makes client communication a breeze, plus emails are logged so you have a record of your interactions. Team members can talk to one another right on the project board, so everything is centralized and everyone stays on the same page.

sales crm board

Automations make it easy to know when a project is completed when a prospect opens an email, or when a team member gets a new message in a board they’ve been added to. All these features help your sales team run more smoothly and efficiently, with less hassle over minutiae and more time spent on the important stuff.

Try monday sales CRM


How can I make sales easier?

The more you can focus on people, the easier the sales process will become. Removing unnecessary distractions and taking a more focused approach to approaching possible leads will help both your team and the people they speak with feel more present. Simple ways to do that include working on your “soft” people skills like active listening, which will help better identify the root of someone’s problem, and automating as many processes as possible to remove extraneous work on your end.

How do you attract customers?

Reach out to them! Put out feelers on social media, build your email list with incentives, and establish yourself as a thought leader in spaces like LinkedIn if you can. Let people know you’re good at what you do and can provide value.

How can I sell better?

People often start out with a scattershot approach to sales, sending out as many messages to bring in leads as possible. Not only is that exhausting, it seldom works. Instead, figure out who your people are and market to them — who would benefit the most from your product or service? Where do they spend time online? What incentives would get them to find out more? Start with those questions, and approach your leads with respect.

Implement proven sales practices fast with monday sales CRM

From maintaining customer relationships to managing lead information to project management, there’s a feature that can help make it easier. The best crm software help you do better work, not take time away from it. Fostering good communication and smoothly integrating with the rest of your workflow is the hallmark of any sales software worth its salt.

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