Manage all of your projects in a single place helps you to manage your projects & tasks in an easy visual way
See project progress at a glance
A visual way to keep track on project and tasks without effort
Stay on top of your schedule
Stay up to date with your projects to make sure you will meet your deadlines
Collaborate better with your team
Share files, ideas, comments, and more to get work done as a team.
View all projects and deadlines on one timeline
Get a visual and up to date timeline view of all your projects in one place. Get a high level look on your work so you know where things stand
Stay on top of everything
Assign tasks & track progress
Assign each task to an owner and follow task progress until completion
Meet deadlines
Set due dates and never miss a deadline
See at a glance the next actions you should do in order to finish your project. See which tasks should be done today, which should be done soon and which are overdue.
Track your progress with reports
Track task progress, and resource allocation with the chart view
Pick a template, make it your own!
Project Roadmap
Task Management
Resource Allocation
Stories from our community
Projects overview dashboard
"With a single glance anyone is able to see the current status of all active and future projects."
Andre Soileau, P65
To show all the projects for the year
"It is a single easy to read one stop to see what projects are in the works and where we are at as well as plans for the future."
Ben Allen, EQC IT
Ben Allen from EQC IT
Creative Project Management
"It allows us to quickly see everything in the pipeline along with all pertinent details."
Brad Wohlgemuth, Discovery Ad Sales
Brad Wohlgemuth from Discovery Ad Sales