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What are project management tools?

Project management tools help teams plan, organize, and manage their resources for maximum results. They also double as collaboration tools, because they help small teams and even enterprises stayed synced on important tasks like project planning, task management, and resource management.

Project management apps make it even easier to manage and update task lists on the go. Teams across industries need tools to plan and execute work in one place, collaborate and communicate, create and store important documents, constantly assess productivity, and much more.
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So, why do you need a tool for project management?

In a study by, we found that...


More employees are working from home

Remote work is here to stay, and companies need new ways to help employees collaborate online. No matter their location, PM tools keep everyone synced and productive and provide digital solutions for traditional project management tools like Gantt charts.

More than 50% of projects fail

Over half of all projects fail because they don't meet initial requirements. Businesses aren't reaching traditional key success indicators — time, scope, and budget, which waste important resources. This could be due to not using project management tools to properly plan, track, and measure project progress.

Project managers need flexibility

72% of project managers want more flexibility in their work. With a customizable project management tool, any organization can create workflows that serve their specific needs. For example, allows every team member on the board to use filters and create a custom view for their own work, without disturbing others.

PMs have three challenges

The top 3 challenges for project professionals include trying to deliver too many projects at once, a lack of expertise in project professionals, and poor management of resources. Many of these have the potential to be improved with the aid of a project management tool, whether it’s through optimizing the recruitment process, prioritizing projects, or accurately tracking resource use.

More companies are valuing PM

52% of organizations remain dissatisfied with the maturity of their project management. This dissatisfaction has been increasing since 2016 and indicates a growing recognition of PM's value. We have also seen a number of companies seeking to address this need, like Zoho Projects, Wrike, and Asana. However, is a Work OS, making it leaps ahead of project management tools.

PMO are steadily increasing

89% of organizations now have a Project Management Office (PMO) to support their portfolios and increase in responsibilities. Nearly a quarter of those have been established within the last two years. Nearly a quarter of those have been established within the last two years. PMOs are only as good as the tools used to manage them and all of these functions — a Work OS can help.

What makes a standout software? surveyed people across multiple industries and professions to find out the most important features in a project management tool. This is what we found:

11.4% of project investment is wasted due to poor performance

20% marked project dashboards as a necessity

32% want board views such as Kanban boards

42% want efficiency-boosting features

31% ranked flexibility and customization as essential in a PM tool

Why monday work management?

We are fully customizable — any organization no matter their industry can use in multiple ways. anyone can track time, progress, assign tasks, run workflows, and more all on one platform.

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Here are a few ways customers use

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Support ticket management

Track and assign team members important tickets on
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Creative requests

Create and attach requests on any board, giving all stakeholders immediate access.
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Track project progress

Easily check project statuses at a glance with intuitive and visual project dashboards.
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Project scheduling

Schedule all projects on one workspace. Organize projects by type, due date, status, and more.
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Assigning tasks org-wide

Create items and assign them to anyone with board access in just a few clicks.
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Budget Tracking

Track and analyze your total budget across milestones, categories, and/or boards.
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Work management

Break projects down into tasks, set priorities with our Status Column, assign items, and more.
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Track time spent on tasks

Use the Time Tracking Column to understand how much time it takes to complete a task.

Manage any project your way

Hit the ground running by starting with any of our 200+ ready-made templates from our Template Center. Explore pre-loaded automations and structures and customize your workflows from there.

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