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monday projects is a league above simple project management apps. Create any solution you need to optimize your workflow, plan and execute projects of any size, collaborate with teams organization-wide, and a lot more.

It's time to consider a Work OS.

How do you choose the best project management app?

Choose a flexible solution to help you organize your company's resources to accomplish tasks, ongoing projects, or manage resources. monday projects offers the best of project management on our mobile app and desktop so you can run your projects from A-Z and manage due dates, customize everything, and scale for success.
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Work OS for project management

A Work OS is a cloud-based software platform for organizations of all sizes. With a Work OS, people can manage all kinds of work, meet deadlines, and increase transparency organization-wide, all in real-time.
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Why try project management

Check out our top features that are core to our Work OS below or get started with a free, no credit card required 2-week trial.

Company-wide use

A Work OS serves all employees in an organization, not just specific functions or teams. When everyone uses the same core platform to do their work, it can prevent a lot of wasted time, ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and help everyone stay up to date.

Building blocks

A Work OS uses building blocks — drag and drop blocks that allow teams to assemble apps to help manage their work as well as capture and show data. Anyone in the organization can build a workflow or application offered on the Work OS and create a custom experience.

Structured data store

Unlike traditional databases that require administration skills and permissions, a Work OS is decentralized. Anyone can create or access a database to capture, analyze and track all work-related data. On a Work OS, data of any kind is completely digestible.

Permissions and governance

A complete Work OS includes permission-setting and governance features for who can view, update, and enter data, plus settings for who can integrate and automate work. Team members can work autonomously and stay compliant and with organizational and industry standards.
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Data and app integrations

Integrations let users use their favorite existing tools, centralizing all of their work into one sharable workspace. Some platforms use external integration hubs to achieve this, while others provide a suite of built-in, simple-to-use integration capabilities.
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Advanced workflow automation

A Work OS can automate any action a human can perform. Automations remove human error and save organizations time by seamlessly executing predictable, repetitive tasks. Automations create trust that things will happen and make teams move faster.

Our top project management app features

Our free plans offer basic project management app capabilities, but here's what you'll get on our paid plans:

  • monday workdocs From brainstorming lists to embedded boards, collaborate on shareable docs
  • Multiple views Customize visualizations for planning and scheduling
  • Advanced reporting and analytics Clean up your documentation with easy-to-generate custom dashboards and exportable reports to share
  • 20+ column types Be the master of your own tailored workflows
  • Template Center Choose from 200+ templates for jumpstarted workflow creation
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    A look into project management with Work OS

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    With our robust Work OS, you can create your own workflows and build a solution custom-made for your industry, organization, and teams. The same company can use the platform in several different ways from a CRM to a flexible scrum software.

    A look into project management with Work OS

    Flexible platform
    With our robust Work OS, you can create your own workflows and build a solution custom-made for your industry, organization, and teams. The same company can use the platform in several different ways from a CRM to a flexible scrum software.
    Scalable workflows Work OS is designed for teams of all sizes, whether you're a 2-person operation or a company with 2000+ employees. Unlimited boards, fully customizable automations, unlimited free viewers, dashboards that can combine up to 50 boards, and more assure that as your organization scales, still has you covered.
    Easy set up
    Whether you're using one of our 200+ ready-made templates or using our low-code / no-code building blocks to create your own solution from scratch, setup on takes just minutes — no developer assistance needed.
    Intuitive displays
    See what everyone on your team is working on at a single glance. Plan projects, tasks, and more on visual timelines. See your work from multiple views so you digest information in the way that makes sense for you, and display data and information for dozens of complex projects.
    24/7 support
    We won't leave you hanging just because it's Saturday. Email, chat, over the phone, reach out to us on any channel, 24/7.
    Time-saving automations
    Our automations are code-free. Instantly send emails when due dates arrive, receive real-time updates when tasks are completed, notify project leaders when budget is approved, automatically notify client-facing teams when bugs are squashed, and more.

    Here's what else offers

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    Kanban boards

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    Gantt charts

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    Time tracking

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    Team management

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    iOS and Android apps

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    Project templates

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    Task management

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Compare these top-rated free project management apps
    • Google does notoffer a native software or app designed solely for project management. The closest alternative , Google Sheets, can be used to manually create project plans and Gantt chart timelines. It requires no coding experience and is shareable, but it isn't automated — so you might waste time on simple tasks like adding team members and sharing updates.
    • The easiest desktop project management software is based on criteria like drag-and-drop interface, easy to generate reports and dashboards, and how they manage finer details like dependencies. 3 tools to try are, TeamGantt, and Trello.
    • Here is one way to categorize the different types of project management software
      1. Desktop
      2. Web Based
      3. Collaboration. ...
      4. Scheduling
      5. Issue Tracking
      6. Project Portfolio Management
      7. Document Management
      8. Resource Management

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