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Project management

Introducing #tags to organize your work

Laura Binder 3 min read
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Our newest feature is here! Meet tags, a new way to track and organize your work in

Tags work like keywords or labels that make it easy to organize your to-dos, tasks, and projects across all boards. Just add a column, write in whatever #tag you want, and then use that same tag again and again.

When you click to create a tag, a dropdown of all tags that have ever been used will appear. In private and shareable boards, for the sake of privacy, the dropdown list shows only what’s been used in that board.

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With one click on any #tag, you’ll see a cross-board view of every pulse that’s been tagged, no matter what board it’s in. That includes private and shareable boards, if you have access to them.

This is a fantastic way to categorize, prioritize, and track your workload. And the awesomeness of tags is that they’re totally flexible, so you can use them whatever way suits you best.

Here are some scenarios where tags could be especially helpful:

Do you work on projects that span many departments? Here at, different teams collaborate on every new feature we build—Product, Design, R&D, and more—and they all manage their work in their own boards. We create a new tag for each feature to make it easy to see a big picture view of where things stand across all teams. (So yes, when creating this new feature, we used a #tags tag in different boards 166 times. #meta 🙂 )

Do you manage work with many clients across multiple boards? Add a tag column to each board and write in the client’s name. With one click on #clientname, you’ll see all work associated with them across all boards, with all other results filtered out.

Do you want a simple time management hack? Add a “how long this will take” column in your weekly to-do board. If you estimate something will only take 15 minutes, add a #15 tag. When you only have a few minutes to spare or are simply eager to mark some quick wins as “done,” just click on the #15 tag and choose a task from the filtered results.

We’d love to hear the different and creative ways you end up using tags, so once you get started, please let us know! We hope you find it helpful and delightful.

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