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monday.com is the flexible agile project management software your team needs to be to thrive in a dynamic environment.

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What is agile project management?

Agile project management is an iterative approach to the project development process that helps project teams get better results, faster. The principles of Agile methods focus on taking large amounts of work like projects and breaking them down into more manageable tasks.

Agile project management benefits

Release better products, faster

monday.com makes cross-functional teamwork easy. From pre-planning with the product owner and development team to getting user feedback through customer collaboration, everyone gets the most of agile methodologies in one platform.

It's easy for Scrum masters, agile teams, and first-timers alike to see their work in views like Kanban board and more.

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Keep improving with real-time reporting

monday.com provides you with real-time reports that show your team members' progress, product backlog, and continuous improvement. These tracking progress capabilities help you better estimate story points based on predicted capacity in the next sprint or iteration.
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How teams use agile project management

Bug tracking

Easily report and track bugs in one place. Prioritize each bug with color-coded labels so your team members know which bugs are the most critical.
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Sprint planning

Agile approaches use backlogs with all tasks to complete. Then for each sprint, you can select which items your team will work on and see where you stand against each milestone.
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Product launches

Meet the Agile manifesto's principle of frequent delivery by launching products successfully and on time. Plan out each phase and know exactly who's doing what and when.
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Why monday.com for agile project management?

This agile software is totally customizable to fit any team in any industry using any work method, including Scrum and Kanban. That’s what makes monday.com appealing to so many around the globe and why more than 100,000 organizations have adopted the software.

Teams choose monday.com

"If your non-dev team struggles with Jira because it's the least intuitive thing ever, I beg you to check out monday.com"
Meagen M. | Reviewed on G2 Crowd
"monday.com is very easy to implement. They don't clutter the screen with everything - you can add features as you need them."
Aaron P. | Reviewed on G2 Crowd

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