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The best CRM for construction businesses 6 min read
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Construction companies face unique challenges regarding communication and documentation, which can sometimes be challenging because of workforce disbursement. Often, key employees are spread out across a vast geographical region but they still need to communicate with the main office and other worksites

An easy solution to these challenges is the use of a CRM for construction. Today we’ll discuss some of the best CRM for construction in 2023 and provide information on choosing the right one for your company — plus a look at how you can use monday sales CRM for your unique needs

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What is a CRM for the construction industry?

In the construction industry, customer relationship management (CRM) is cloud-based or digital software that stores all relevant customer data in a single platform.

All communication, leads, opportunity data, and critical relationship information is stored inside the construction CRM and then made accessible for all relevant employees, no matter if they’re at the office or a job site.

What challenges can a CRM for construction help with??

Most challenges can be linked to the distribution of key employees across multiple sites, which can be geographically far apart. With so many workspaces and ever-changing worksites, communication and sharing documentation can be difficult.

With a CRM for construction, companies can:

  • Easily manage multiple projects across different sites
  • Maintain workflows, documents, blueprints, and contact info for leads and prospects in one easy-to-access place
  • Automate approvals and documentation
  • Monitor the progress of multiple projects simultaneously.

Using a CRM built specifically for construction allows companies to overcome logistical challenges. Next, we’ll cover a few key features you’ll want to look for in a construction CRM if you hope to reap the most benefits.

Construction CRM must-have features

To successfully overcome the unique challenges construction companies face, you’ll want to look for a few specific features in your CRM. These key features include:

  • Detailed project tracking: Track your projects from start to finish, including budgeting and human resource allocation. A great CRM allows you to quickly determine each construction project‘s stage and where each employee is currently working.
  • Seamless communication: Being able to update plans and receive real-time feedback is crucial to construction project success. You’ll also want a CRM that allows for various communication methods, such as direct messaging, group messaging, and sticky notes for upcoming deadlines or important events.
  • Subcontractor management: Efficiently managing any subcontractors your company is using can help reduce the risk of errors or miscommunication. The best CRM for construction will allow you to manage deadlines, permits, files, and other pertinent information from a single platform.

You can find these features in top-reviewed construction CRM software, such as monday sales CRM.

Try monday sales CRM

Top-reviewed construction CRM software in 2023

There are several options available for construction companies that require a reliable CRM option. Each of these programs come with different features and benefits, such as mobile applications, automation, and occasionally, integration with other business tools.


FieldWire can be used on mobile devices, making it a highly rated choice for on-the-go construction companies. It’s also construction-industry focused and features competitive pricing tiers. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to scale your company using this option, and there’s no internal document storage option.


This is an excellent option for those on a budget, as BuilderTrend has affordable price points. There are also specific features for home builders and remodelers, as well as simple drag-and-drop scheduling. On the other hand, this option doesn’t integrate with other business tools, and there are no general contractor management capabilities.


This option is better for complex projects and features multiple project tracking styles. Asana features sophisticated automation features and a visual workload tracker. However, this general software option isn’t tailored toward the construction industry.

Houzz Pro

This CRM has robust technology that works well on mobile devices. You can manage projects and marketing (including advertisements) within the platform for more cohesion between sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Unfortunately, Houzz Pro isn’t a great fit for commercial construction companies, and they have a higher price point than some alternatives.

The construction CRM has all the features your company needs to enhance communication and ensure compliance through documentation. monday’s construction CRM helps you manage leads, prospects, and customers to improve your relationships with them, which can eventually translate into more sales. Real-time collaboration, subcontractor management, and individual project tracking are all available through

Choosing’s construction CRM is an excellent idea for construction companies hoping for the most comprehensive platform.

Try monday sales CRM’s construction CRM

monday sales CRM software hero’s construction CRM has all the features you need to address the unique needs of your company’s industry.

Features include:

  • Customizable dashboards that allow you to see all the information you need at a glance, including customer data, subcontractor management, and project tracking.
  • Automation for routine tasks and processes that saves you time that’s better spent on more important tasks.
  • Communication with real-time collaboration tools that enable coworkers to stay in touch whether they’re at a job site, in the main office, or working from home.
  • Storage for important documents such as permits, bluebrings, and job overviews with access for all relevant stakeholders.
  • Detailed project tracking so you can make informed decisions using aggregated information displayed in the view you like best, including Gantt charts.

By now, you likely have a solid understanding of what a CRM can do for your construction company. However, we’ve answered a few FAQs just in case you still have questions.

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Is CRM good for invoicing in construction?

The right CRM can be an excellent resource for easier, more streamlined invoicing in construction. These platforms can also give estimates, send bids, and create or store contractors from a centralized digital workspace.

Why is CRM useful for construction?

For construction companies, a robust CRM does more than just track, store, and analyze customer data. It also helps bridge the gap between worksites and the main office by allowing real-time collaboration and simplifying document submissions and approvals.

Any company can reap the benefits of a reliable CRM for construction with

Construction companies face unique challenges when it comes to communication and documentation, but these challenges can be overcome by using a top-rated CRM for construction in 2023. provides all the features you need and much more, allowing you to overcome challenges, streamline workflows, and enhance customer relationships within a single platform.


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