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Sell smarter, provide better support, and manage all of your customer data in one place.

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Manage orders, inventory, and customer relationships on monday sales CRM

Integrate and innovate your retail processes

Discover true flexibility and customization for your business' backend.
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Spend more time closing deals. Decrease response time, contact customers at the perfect time, and increase customer satisfaction with custom automations.

No-code/low-code building blocks

Make your CRM work for you. Use our custom building blocks to track work, customer communications and actions, and analyze performance.


Create one hub for all docs, PDFs, product updates, company news, and other crucial information so your support team always has the most up-to-date information.


Always have an answer to 'what are the latest numbers?' Track sales, team performance, leads, forecast by sales rep, and more.


Close out all your tabs aside from one. CRM offers integrations with your favorite tools such as: Zoom, Gmail, DocuSign, Aircall, and others.


Immediately see ticket progress, request type, open date, and any other relevant information. Customize statuses with colors, labels, filters, and automations.

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Easily collect your team's finance requests. Keep all employees informed by tracking statuses, updates, and more.
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Order Form

Streamline all relevant order information using a customizable form. Easily share this form with all stakeholders to track orders from initial request to final delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • More and more retail businesses are using CRM platforms to manage products and inventory, fulfill payments, and maintain customer relationships. A retail CRM can help you keep up with customer trends, understand key demographics better, and grow your business.
  • The most important goal with a CRM is to improve the customer experience. By streamlining customer communications, increasing data accessibility, and automating workflows, a CRM can add a lot of value to your business.
  • The seven Cs are:
    • customer centricity
    • company culture
    • customer experience
    • customer data
    • customer journey
    • consumer experience
    • consumer expectation