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How much does cost? 7 min read
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We get it. It can be tricky to figure out exactly how much project management platforms actually cost.

There’s a lot out there to choose from, and each platform offers something different. And the cost structures can be…. complex.

It’s a lot to get your head around.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve created this no-nonsense breakdown of how much costs. By the end, you’ll know exactly how much to budget to use, what’s included in each of our pricing plans, and how to figure out which pricing plan is right for you.

Let’s roll.

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How much does cost?’s pricing starts from $27 per month for 3 users and goes up from there based on your chosen plan and team size.

And if you have 40 users or more, you can contact us to get an exact quote.'s work management platform provides users with a variety of views to choose from

And how long is the free version of

Our free trial is available for 14 days, and allows you to trial our Pro plan. Two whole weeks of goodness without spending a penny.

When your free plan expires, you can decide whether you want to upgrade to a subscription — which we’d thoroughly recommend.

Now let’s take a look at what’s included in each paid plan.

#1. The Basic plan

Perfect for teams just getting started with managing projects, the Basic plan offers all the fundamental features of our awesome platform. Perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to organize your projects and collaborate with your team.

What’s included in the Basic plan?

Let’s take a look:

  • Unlimited project management boards
  • Access to over 20 different columns
  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Access to over 200 customizable templates (yep, you read that right. 200!)
  • Mobile app access on iOS and Android
  • 1 dashboard
  • Shareable forms
  • Customized task notifications
  • 5GB of storage space
  • Embeddable documents
  • Whiteboard collaboration's work management software allows teams to collaborate on virtual whiteboards

Not to mention you also get access to customer support through our Knowledge Base, daily webinars, and 24/7 support. We spoil you, don’t we?

The Basic plan is available from $33 per month for 3 seats when billed annually.

Now onwards and upwards — let’s look at our most popular plan…

#2. The Standard plan

The Standard plan is the next step up from the Basic plan, and it’s our most popular package. You’ll have access to everything included in the Basic plan, as well as some extra features, too.

What’s included in the Standard plan?

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, here’s what else you’ll get::

You’ll also get an upgrade on your storage space (20GB), and you’ll be able to create a dashboard for 5 of your boards. Result.

The Standard plan is available from $41 per month for 3 seats when billed annually.

#3. The Pro plan

The Pro plan is the most sophisticated plan we offer. It includes everything you get with the Basic and Standard plans, plus a few extra features.

What’s included in the Pro plan?

Good question. Let’s take a look:

You’ll also get a whole lot more automation and integration capability (25,000 actions per month to be exact). And you’ll be able to create a dashboard for up to 20 of your project boards.

The Pro plan is available from $65 per month for 3 seats when billed annually.

#4. The Enterprise plan

The most advanced of our pricing plans, the Enterprise plan is perfect for organizations looking for enhanced security, premium support, organization, and efficiency.

What’s included in the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan has access to everything that’s included in the Pro plan, Standard Plan, and Basic Plan — as well as a few other cool features:

  • Additional automations and integrations (and by additional, we mean a hell of a lot more. 250,000 to be exact).
  • Enterprise-grade security and governance
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Multi-level permissions
  • Tailored onboarding
  • Dedicated success manager

You’ll also be able to create a dashboard for up to 50 different boards, and have over 1000 GB of storage.

Get in touch with to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

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How do I know which pricing plan is right for me?

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, check out our articles:

Or, you can get in touch with the team. We’d be happy to talk things through and figure out which option works best for you and your business.'s iteration of work board

And finally, why should I choose

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to project management software. So why should you choose over someone else?

Well, for one thing, we’re much more than just a project management software. In fact, we’re a Work OS, which means we help businesses improve their workflow, and get things done. is more than just a project management platform - it's a Work OS

team management, workflow management – you name it, we got it.

Heck – you can even use our platform as your crm software.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Here are a few other things that make us stand out from the crowd.

#1. Flexible and intuitive software

At, we understand how important it is to have flexibility in your workflow. Whether that’s changing the way you view your project, adding new columns to your project board, or automating recurring tasks, our software is built to suit your needs.'s work manegement software is flexible and intuitive

#2. Collaboration software at its best

In a world where almost half of employees are spending 5 days a week working from home, it’s important that businesses have a strong collaboration tool in place. When you use, you can easily collaborate with your team on all your projects. You can add comments, notes, and even chat directly with other members of your team. Result!

Collaborate with your team using's work management software

#3. Perfect for all teams, big and small 

Working with a small team? Or perhaps you’re part of a large organization? Whether you’re a marketing team of 5, or a product design team of 50, our pricing plans include something for everyone. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our team to see how we can help.'s Calendar View can be used by teams big or small


So there you have it. You now know how much costs, what features are in each pricing plan, and how differs from other project management software.

If you want to get things moving and give a go, why not sign up for our free trial? You can check out our project tracker template to give you a taste of what’s in store.

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