What to look for in a lead tracking software

Also known as lead management systems, lead tracking software helps small businesses and large enterprises alike to qualify leads, perform analysis, and ultimately nurture them in order to move them through the sales pipeline. Here are some of the top features you should look for in an effective lead tracking software:
  • Customizable dashboards to help you track progress and analyze data in real time
  • Automations to simplify lead tracking by adding automatic reminders to contact clients based upon the phase in your sales cycle
  • Integrations to easily consolidate data from a variety of apps you already use, so you can easily track every interaction your company has with a lead

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While most teams rely on a plethora of different tools for lead tracking and managing the sales funnel, smart teams use monday.com Work OS. Customizable for any organization promoting any type of product and service, our platform can be quickly tailored to your sales and marketing needs.
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Collect and organize leads and their information in one place where you can also enter lead scores. Use WorkForms to embed and create web forms to get new customers.
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Get an instant business card-style overview of deals and leads, including contact information, stage, owner, value, and more to understand what needs to be done next.
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Plug and play a whole host of customizable columns to craft your dream workflow — designate owners, calculate deals, and set custom priorities and statuses.
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Increase visibility into your team’s efforts and impact by easily building real-time dashboards — no developing experience required. Track performance and revenue in one place.
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Automate repetitive sales processes and save valuable time. With automations you can set reminders, automatically assign leads to team members, and more.
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Connect your lead tracking software with the tools you already use, from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to other must-haves like Gmail and Hubspot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lead tracking software helps efficient teams move leads through the sales cycle and lead management process that typically includes these five steps:

    Step 1: Lead capture
    Step 2: Lead enrichment and tracking
    Step 3: Lead qualification
    Step 4: Lead distribution
    Step 5: Lead nurturing
  • Here are some of the essential lead management system features you’ll find on monday.com Work OS:
    • Lead Capture
    • Lead Activity Tracking
    • Lead Scoring
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Campaign dashboards
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Built-In communication via updates
  • While every lead tracking software will organize their leads differently — say Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce — the definition of a lead is standard. A lead is an unqualified contact or sales opportunities for a business and they include basic details gathered about individuals or representatives of organizations, which are usually collected from trade shows, seminars, advertisements, and other marketing campaigns.

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