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The best Zoho Projects alternative for your business? 5 min read
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Whether you’re moving away from Zoho Projects entirely or are just looking for a project management platform with a little more “oomph,” you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll take a close look at what Zoho Projects offers and consider how its main alternatives stack up and the most significant differences between the solutions.

The result? You find the right task management solution, and you don’t even have to pull your hair out in the process – you’re welcome.

What is Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software designed for teams who want to work efficiently and track various tasks.

Zoho Projects focuses on a few primary features:

  • Gantt chartsGantt charts help teams stay on top of critical tasks and identify progress roadblocks.
  • Task automation – Zoho Projects provides task automation (with a drag-and-drop interface) to help teams save time on everyday processes.
  • Time tracking – teams using Zoho Projects can track billable and non-billable hours manually or with built-in timers. Built-in invoicing via Zoho Invoice also allows teams to generate invoices within the platform.

Zoho Projects also offers customization options, which is pretty standard among project management tools in its class. The built-in customization features allow team members to build a personalized dashboard and control things like layouts and workflows.

So, what's a good Zoho Projects alternative?

Zoho Projects caters to teams who are already familiar with the Zoho ecosystem, and it serves those customers well. Like Zoho’s other industry-specific solutions for HR, finance, IT, marketing, sales, and email hosting, Zoho Projects allows teams to track simple and complex projects and offers a variety of standard project management basics like issue and task tracking and Gantt charts.

When it comes to delivering powerful, comprehensive solutions large teams expect from a project management solution, though, Zoho Projects falls short.

While the tool offers a selection of essential features, it doesn’t go far enough to provide the built-in functionalities large and growing teams need to get work done. Anyone looking for a tool that can genuinely scale with them will have to look elsewhere.

Fortunately,’s Work OS platform exists.

To compare, let’s take a quick look at the customization options of both platforms:

While Zoho Projects allows teams to customize the Kanban board view and move drag-and-drop cards full of project details into different columns, it just doesn’t stack up to’s customizable tools and workflows.

Teams using can alter their Kanban blocks, forms, dashboards, templates, and more.

In short, while Zoho Projects offers customization options, is customizable.

What is is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that’s both intuitive and straightforward.

Like Zoho Projects, it allows teams to customize workflows — bringing transparency and collaboration to client projects and saving you time by automating or eliminating manual work.

Unlike Zoho Projects, offers unparalleled customization and precision to allow teams to work exactly how they want on every project (no matter if that’s a marketing campaign, a dev sprint, tracking leads, or organizing a daily task list).

One place the differences between Zoho Projects and is noticeable is integrations.

While both and Zoho Projects support integrations, Zoho Projects itself offers time-tracking, but users will need to integrate Zoho Invoice to generate bills. allows teams to set up any integration they want in just a few clicks. Best of all? You don’t need a single bit of coding knowledge to make it happen.

Integrate any tool to with no code required.

What are the differences between and Zoho Projects?

The main difference between and Zoho Projects is the availability of features.

While offers functional project management must-haves (like action item tracking and action management), Zoho Projects tends to be limited in its scope, putting fast-moving teams at risk of getting stuck without the tools they need to get the job done.

Zoho Projects is also limited when it comes to customer support options. While the platform offers a resource library and phone and email support, there’s no response time guarantee, which is troubling for time-strapped teams who need answers fast., meanwhile, offers 24/7 customer support with guaranteed responses within the hour — so you’re never stuck waiting.

Finally, goes further to support remote teams, which is critical in the post-COVID world. While Zoho Projects offers basic Gantt charts, timesheets, task reports, and analytics, provides a comprehensive suite of remote work tools for teams. Teams using to collaborate remotely can…

  • Keep all communication organized within the context of a project or workflow
  • Access an extensive library of customizable remote work templates, including COVID-19 communication plans, time tracking, and a resource center
  • Enjoy a streamlined Timeline feature that helps teams stay aligned and on-task
  • Turn chats and video conferences into actions
  • And more’s remote collaboration tools are intuitive, functional, and well-suited to teams in a wide assortment of different industries.

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Is Zoho Projects free?

Zoho Projects offers a 10-day free trial. From there, teams can upgrade to four different paid options with varying features and options to suit different team sizes and needs.

Get started with the right Zoho Projects alternative

While there are many excellent project management tools out there, is definitely a leading option. Thanks to customizable dashboards, silly-simple integrations, and a variety of intuitive features meant to cater to all teams in real-time, stands out as the Work OS that you need to get things done.

Ready to hit the ground running with Check out the library of customizable project templates now!

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