Why does healthcare need a CRM?

With a healthcare CRM system, you can customize your patient management plans so that each patient gets precisely the amount of care they need. The most important criteria of a reliable CRM for healthcare are:

  • HIPAA compliance to ensure all patient data remains confidential, backed up, and securely stored. This is a legal requirement and makes patients feel more secure.
  • Streamlined communication to increase engagement with your patients by communicating with them through one organized platform.
  • Automation ability to save valuable staff time so you can focus your time on what matters – your patients and their needs.
  • Give your patients the personalized care they deserve with monday.com’s CRM for doctors.

    Our fully customizable, cloud based platform is the perfect CRM solution for healthcare professionals who want to enhance the patient experience. Easily locate your patient’s medical, payment and behavioral history, so you can personalize messaging, improve follow-up care, and boost patient satisfaction and loyalty. Here’s what we’re offering:
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    Marketing automations

    Boost sales and marketing initiatives by automating personalized messages to patients and prospective patients. This could include general patient outreach, appointment reminders, scheduling, and more.
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    Quickly sync data with other hospital departments in real time through our customizable boards. You can add comments to tasks, provide colleagues with feedback, and even share files with patients if you need to.
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    Data consolidation

    Store all patient records, from medical histories, contact details, visit dates, and medical bills, in one centralized location. Easily attach files, photos, or any other types of patient information, so you never lose track of anything.
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    Mobile app

    Stay in the loop and connect to your patients even when you’re on the go. Our easy-to-use mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices on and offline.
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    Seamlessly integrate external platforms with monday.com to create the perfect workflow solution for your business. For example, sync with your calendar app to schedule and view upcoming appointments.
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    Enhanced security

    Ensure that all your important data is secure. With our IP restrictions, you choose the exact locations of the devices that can access the CRM platform. Momentarily block your account at any moment if your team’s login credentials are compromised.

    Frequently asked questions

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    Does my CRM need to be HIPPA compliant?
    If you work in the healthcare industry, you need HIPAA-compliant CRM software. It’s a legal requirement and improves the patient experience since they can be confident their information is safe.
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    What CRM do hospitals use?
    What is a CRM in the medical field?

    Gain the visibility you need to create a better patient experience

    monday.com helps over 152K customers work without limits. Create a customized CRM software that works for you, and build trusting relationships with your patients.