You have a clear vision of your company’s mission and vision, but your employees and clients need to see it, too. Whether you run a fresh startup or an established business, a mission statement serves as a central message to help employees rally around a common goal and excite consumers about working with your brand. Using a mission statement template gives you a simple framework to ensure you incorporate key elements into your statement.

This article walks you through mission statement templates to help you write an effective company mission statement quickly. We’ll also provide a mission statement template to get you started with this unifying task.

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What is a mission statement template?

A mission statement template is a customizable framework that lets you break down the key elements of a mission statement. It helps you think of ideas you might not consider and brainstorm keywords to include in your mission statement. Every mission statement is unique, representing what sets each organization apart, but they all include concise ideas that condense the company’s overall purpose into a simple statement that’s easy to include in elevator pitches, on about us pages, or in social media profiles.

It includes sections for information such as your company’s purpose, products, and services to help you pull out key ideas and phrases. It walks you through each step, from idea generation to statement drafting to your final mission statement. The template directs your attention to important information to make it faster and easier to develop your mission statement. With the data saved in the template, you can revisit it as your company grows or shifts directions to update your mission statement.

We have mission statement template examples coming up to spark your creativity. But first, we’ll explore some reasons why your company might choose to use a mission statement template.

Why use a mission statement template?

The benefits of a mission statement template include focusing your attention on the important elements and ideas you should include in an effective company mission. The structured format keeps those ideas organized and makes them easier to reference as you refine your statement.

[block]A template can also provide an opportunity for every member of your team to provide input as you write a mission statement.[/block]

They can follow your thought process and understand how you arrived at the concepts included in a mission statement draft. That collaboration lets others expand on your ideas to create an accurate mission statement that encompasses the core ideals of your organization.

Your business structure and purpose can affect the way you create your mission statement. Seeing a variety of existing templates helps you choose the best one for your needs. Examples can also help you recognize what types of things to include in your mission statement.

What are some examples of mission statement templates?

When choosing a mission statement template, consider what type of organization you run and your goals for creating the mission statement. Mission statements can be as important for nonprofits or individuals as they are for businesses, which is why templates exist for various scenarios.

Business mission statement template

Business mission statement templates help you explain your company, breaking down what it does and helping teams articulate the why behind products or services it provides. The resulting statement can help you attract new employees, inspire current employees, and connect with potential customers.

Nonprofit mission statement template

A nonprofit mission statement template focuses on how your nonprofit helps the community. It encourages you to explore why your nonprofit organization exists with a focus on the group or groups it serves and what you do for them. Completing a nonprofit mission statement template helps you arrive at messaging that aligns employees in serving your target population or engaging in fundraising or awareness campaigns.

Personal mission statement template

Personal mission statement templates focus on an individual’s mission, helping them define professional values and goals. As a leader, completing a personal mission statement can help you better understand your leadership style and align your personal mission to your organization’s mission. This type of template also works as an exercise for individuals at all levels to encourage them to think about their goals and values and how they relate to career paths or current life situations.

Of course, setting your mission down in writing is only the first step in pointing yourself or your organization toward the right goals and efforts. Creating and working from your mission statement in a Work OS can help you maintain alignment with goals at all levels and in every task.

Get started’s mission statement template’s free mission statement template helps you create a unified message about your mission by:

  • Providing a framework: A clear format guides you through each step of creating your mission statement. This takes the guesswork out of compiling useful information that might be important for your company’s mission.
  • Encouraging collaboration: With all of your mission statement information in one location that’s easy to share, you can collaborate and brainstorm as a team to think through the mission statement carefully.
  • Saving ideas in one spot: Company missions can evolve over time, so consolidating the information into one template makes it easy to look back on when you want to review your mission statement. offers customizable templates that work seamlessly with Google Sheets to give you more control over your data. The templates and your added data are easy to share among team members for increased collaboration. With different options for formatting and entering information through’s Work OS, you can access your mission statement data whenever you need it.

Your mission statement guides your company’s direction and activities, but it focuses only on a high-level view of what you do. Pairing it with other tools and templates to drill down to the details can help you develop a well-rounded strategy for making decisions and growing your company.

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Related templates to mission statement templates

Your mission statement is one part of your overall strategy for running and growing your business. Related templates help you expand upon the mission statement, creating more detailed guidance and plans of action.

Strategic plan template

A strategic plan template helps you define your goals and identify specific actions to help achieve those goals. It’s an internal document that helps employees understand how to help the company achieve its goals. Your company’s mission statement is an integral part of developing goals that align with your overall direction.

Business plan template

Our business plan template lets you enter vision statements and objectives, overviews of products and services, marketing strategies, and other crucial parts of a business plan. While a mission statement provides a general overview of the company’s purpose, a business plan goes into more detail to guide operational decisions and help your company grow.

Statement of work template

With our statement of work template, you can document details of a specific project. A statement of work typically includes the scope, timeline, deliverables, activities, and other key details about a project. Having a standard template offers consistency across all projects — ensuring better communication that can drive efficiencies. The detailed documentation also helps you evaluate projects to ensure they align with your mission statement.

FAQs about mission statements

What is an example of a mission statement?

Here is an example of a mission statement for a fictional salon: “Main Street Salon’s mission is to provide trendy, customized cut and color services and stellar customer service for men and women. We use high-quality natural products to help our clients achieve healthy hair without sacrificing style.”

What are three things a mission statement should have?

A mission statement explains:

  • What your company does
  • How you do
  • Why it’s important — or who it helps

How do you write a powerful mission statement?

An effective mission statement should set your company apart from competitors that offer similar products or services. Use best practices when ideating and writing your mission statement, including:

  • Gathering feedback and ideas from other
  • Choosing your words carefully to reflect core values and personality
  • Considering emotional elements that may resonate with your target audience
  • Being concise without limiting the scope of what you want to do

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A mission statement helps guide your company with a core message for employees and consumers. Our mission statement template breaks down the process into easier steps so you can quickly develop a powerful statement and refer back to it as you’re planning, making changes, or growing.

Whether you’re a startup, nonprofit, or established business, makes it easy to tune into your mission with our customizable mission statement template.