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The best CRM for nonprofits 8 min read
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When you think of running a nonprofit organization, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t a CRM. Because CRMs are just for the overwhelmingly large enterprise companies needing to make hundreds of sales a day, you may think. But this is a massive misconception!

While nonprofit organizations often overlook the need for CRM software, it’s an invaluable tool that can simplify and streamline all your operations and contacts in one place to generate real social impact.

In this blog, we’ll elaborate on the importance of CRM software for nonprofit organizations and the top qualities you should look for in a nonprofit CRM. Plus, we’ll introduce monday sales CRM as the perfect platform that will enable your nonprofit to personalize interactions with donors, track donations, and measure the effectiveness of promotional efforts in one centralized place.

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What is nonprofit CRM software?

A nonprofit CRM (constituent relationship management) is a tool that helps nonprofit organizations manage relationships with constituents such as donors, volunteers, and contributors. This kind of software is mostly used by nonprofit personnel who are in charge of retention, outreach, marketing, public relations, or fundraising.

To support nonprofits in their mission to make lasting change, offers two significantly discounted plans to eligible nonprofits.

These apply to a Nonprofit Plan (10 seats free, and a 70% discount from the 11th seat) or a 33% discount per user on an Enterprise Plan. To see if your organization is eligible, you can submit this form or read more here.

Why is nonprofit CRM software valuable?

Using CRM software to manage these interactions can help nonprofit organizations:

  • Locate all relevant data in one centralized location
  • Measure the effectiveness of promotional efforts through data insights
  • Attract and retain individuals who are willing to financially contribute or volunteer for the group by streamlining communication and easing relationship building
  • Track donations through a solid donor management system that organizes data, identify trends and makes appropriate recommendations to build donor relationships.
  • Determine the engagement of participants in different events
  • Collaborate with other tech systems for nonprofit organizations such as grant administration or fundraising

What features should you look for in a CRM for non-profit?

A non-profit CRM solution will be able to help users keep track of all donor data for easy access when needed. Using the right CRM can help non-profits reduce the stress and aggravation of missing information, all while saving time and resources. In order to get the full benefits of a CRM for non-profits, it is important to get the right one that suits the needs of your organization. As such, there are certain features that need to be considered:

1. Task automation

By using the right CRM software, users can save hours every week with task automation. Tedious tasks that take time and resources can be done without much thought when the CRM system you’re using offers automation as a primary feature.

With monday sales CRM for example, you can set automatic reminders that automatically notify you once grants are approved, when certain fundraising goals are reached, and more.

2. Data storage and access

As mentioned before, aggravation is a common side effect of not being able to quickly and easily access information when needed. Whether you have a big or small organization, it is important to be able to store and access donor information on a whim. A CRM system will not only store all necessary data but provide easy access in times of crisis. This makes everyone’s job easier and reduces the aggravation factor by 100%.

3. Contact records and task reminders

In order to increase your donor base, it’s important to keep track of the necessary information and build relationships. With a good CRM platform, you can keep up to date with all your donors as they grow, effortlessly managing both current and potential donors. A simple CRM system helps make relationship management easier and helps streamline the process of reaching out to new contacts.

Store all donor data in a singular, accessible place that includes all important information such as contact details, upcoming and past event attendance, contributions to donation pages, and more. It also allows users to see what emails have been sent to whom, set reminders to contact donors, and much more. Plus, quick contact access allows you to take advantage of automated personalized fundraising emails and texts to make every major donor feel valued.

4. Analytics and reporting

Of course, no CRM system is complete without analytics and reporting features. Your company likely has a lot of data and without a CRM system; this data is spread over several different platforms, which is less than ideal. With a CRM platform, everything is stored in one convenient location, allowing you to gain actionable insights and analytics about your donors and use this information for future growth and development.

Other features should also include:

  • Management, creation, and tracking tools for marketing campaigns
  • The management of profile data and contributions made by donors
  • The inclusion of lead management functions to prioritize marketing actions

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donor management

How do you choose the best nonprofit CRM?

It’s important to remember that each non-profit is unique. In that case, the best CRM for non-profits would be one that has all the features and integrations needed to help your organization run smoothly. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a CRM software, so consider the results you want from the platform and how long your team will take to adapt to this new form of working.

You will also need to consider things like cost and expected ROI. Even if you choose a free CRM, you’ll need a CRM without limiting features: one that provides everything your non-profit organization needs for donor data and relationship building.

Why monday sales CRM is ideal for nonprofits

monday sales CRM is a powerful tool that will allow you to maximize your non-profit’s social impact by simplifying processes and data storage/ collection in one place. With an emphasis on all the necessary CRM nonprofit features, not only will this CRM system help you achieve your objectives, but it’s easy to use and incredibly convenient.When you use the monday sales CRM for your nonprofit you can expect to:

1. Meet your fundraising goals faster

Plan, track and launch fundraising campaigns with ease. Engage with your donors, get insights into trends, and create targeted campaigns to appeal to your donor base.

Watch how Ed-tech nonprofit Upchieve uses to manage their grants, fundraising leads and donor data.

2. Recruit, schedule, and engage volunteers

Easily organize and coordinate volunteers and plan strategic ways to reach out to interested parties. Create a positive volunteer experience that increases retention and benefits the organization in the long run.

Manage volunteers with monday sales CRM

3. Maximize end-to-end project management

Since is also an intuitive Work OS, you can power your CRM while simultaneously managing day-to-day operations, as well as ad hoc projects like event planning, marketing campaigns, outreach, and more. helps everyone align on the same goals and collaborate in the most effective ways.

Manage non-profit campaigns with monday sales CRM

4. Centralize your operations in one intuitive platform

With a CRM like the one offered by you will have the tools and resources to better manage your organization, save time and money and make the most social impact within communities. is the ideal non-profit CRM as it adapts to your needs. This includes non-profits like social welfare, education, environmental, arts & culture, animal welfare, disaster relief, food insecurity, community development and upliftment, human rights, youth development, and more.

5. Track information seamlessly

You can track not just information about your contributors, but also information about your gifts and how they benefit your cause. Track all relevant data including the method of donation, the donation amount, the deductible tax amount for each donation, the donation contributor, and so on.

6. Enjoy easy onboarding with a user-friendly interface

Getting started with is easy and requires no technical experience. Anyone can do it. There is no training involved as the CRM is a highly intuitive and visual platform. Once set up, organizations can enjoy a wealth of community resources, responsive customer support, and various best practice techniques to help you get on your way.

7. Maximize donor relationships through donor profiles

When it comes to constructing donor profiles, you can take it a step further. With you can maximize donor relationships with a dedicated CRM that seamlessly manages and reports on all donor data, contact and donation details, related activities, and more:

  • Relationships: Keep track of the relationships that the donors have with each other along with the organizations. This is necessary as you might want to save specific data, for instance, that one of your donors holds an executive position in a non-profit organization.
  • Donor Documents: Ensure that external documents such as Word documents, PDF files, Excel sheets, and so on are stored. This makes finding information that pertains to a specific donor is easy to find.
  • Donor profiles: A donor profile in the CRM includes contact details, upcoming and past events, donations summaries, programs, files, activity logs, updates, and more.
  • Segmented Donor Groups: Track and save the demographic data of donors in each profile that’s dedicated to each one. This will allow you to group certain donors into a specific area, which makes it easier to set up an event in that region.
  • Integrations: The CRM integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Excel, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Mailchimp.

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Donation database for non-profit

A CRM for nonprofits to generate the social impact you strive for

The fully customizable monday sales CRM gives you the ability to maximize your time and resources so you can generate the most impact for your organization as possible.  Use to maximize your non-profit impact, generate social change, and simplify operations.

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The information provided in this article is accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication. Changes and updates in the business operations, policies, or any other relevant factors may occur after publication and we encourage readers to verify any information directly.

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