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Marketing roadmap template – plan your success 7 min read
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Connecting business objectives and processes to the marketing engine that drives leads and new customers for a company is important. A high-level strategic plan makes it easier for marketing teams to connect those dots, and a marketing roadmap can get your plan into motion.

When planning overall marketing strategies or campaigns for product launches, starting with a marketing roadmap template helps you align efforts with business and marketing goals while ensuring important details are covered. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at using such templates to create marketing plans. We’ll also provide a free marketing roadmap template you can use on For those less familiar, let’s review the definition and purpose of a marketing roadmap template.

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What is a marketing roadmap template?

A marketing roadmap is a document that details how cross-functional teams can work together on marketing initiatives. It encompasses big-picture strategy while providing enough detail about team members’ day-to-day tasks to ensure everyone understands what they’re responsible for and how those duties align with larger goals.

A marketing roadmap template is a preformatted document, spreadsheet or other resource that provides a structure and starting point to kick-off planning. A marketing roadmap template can be an essential tool for teams in a few ways.

Benefits of using a marketing roadmap template

Marketing strategy roadmaps can be complex documents. You may want them to include work on multiple channels for a single campaign. But you may also want a specific marketing project roadmap for efforts like winning back lost customers. Your company can benefit from custom templates in several ways, such as:

  • Utilizing an existing format: with a complete, customized template, teams can jump right into marketing plans without needing to consider the best format or document choices.
  • Ensuring every roadmap covers the basics: you can include columns or required fields in a template to ensure every roadmap covers the basics or contains information critical to your processes.
  • Guidance for complex roadmaps: Templates can include guidance on what the team might want to think about when engaging in strategic marketing brainstorming and planning.
  • Consistent documents for all marketing campaigns. Starting with a base template ensures all your marketing roadmaps share similar structures, making them easier for anyone in your organization — from executive team members to marketing reps — to reference at a glance.

Understanding what a good marketing roadmap contains is the first step to creating custom roadmap templates that work for your organization. While marketing roadmaps can take on a variety of forms—including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or even simply spreadsheets—they should contain specific information that defines success and spells out how you plan to get there.

What are the common parts of a marketing roadmap?

Whether you create your marketing plans in a spreadsheet or with sophisticated work operating, every roadmap should address schedules, goals, activities, and other important elements. Some common parts of marketing roadmaps include:

  • Goals: Spell out measurable goals for your marketing efforts. Smart goals define what success looks like so your team knows when it arrives.
  • Time frames: Roadmaps help guide plans and efforts over a specified period of time. Dictate time periods that match the scale of your project or campaign, such as days, weeks, months, or even quarters or years.
  • Schedules: Once you have a time frame, create a schedule of all efforts to fit inside it. Tools like Gantt charts can help you visualize schedules alongside a roadmap.
  • Overall initiatives: Initiatives are larger efforts that help teams understand a campaign’s focus.
  • Specific activities: Activities are the tasks teams complete to support the overall initiative.

Tracking progress toward goals, keeping communication channels open, and documenting efforts throughout the marketing process can all support the successful execution of marketing plans. Starting with a template on lets you manage the entire process on a cloud-based Work OS with powerful features that take you from ideas to implementation.

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Plan for marketing success with’s Marketing Roadmap Template

Gather your digital marketing team on and get to work planning and easily implement marketing efforts. Start with our customizable Marketing Roadmap Template, which lets teams collaborate on marketing strategy, define and assign relevant tasks, and track their way to success via board, Kanban, and Gantt chart views.

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Our customizable templates include all the features of any board on, which means you can color-code items for visual tracking and task management purposes or rely on automations to ensure people know when their input is required.

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Tag people on board comments to ensure they get updates in their email or as a desktop notification to keep your marketing teams moving seamlessly toward project completion or success.

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monday marketer, our all-in-one solution for marketing teams, can help you take marketing projects to a new level on our Work OS. This add-on has all the tools required to plan, implement, and track marketing strategies and campaigns.

Whether you opt for monday marketer or stick with the basic Work OS, we’ve got plenty of other templates to power marketing processes.

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Related templates

In creating templates, we look at both big-picture and detail-oriented processes, and we think about how teams may want to customize boards and documents to meet individual needs. Our marketing templates support tasks ranging from content ideation and creation to post scheduling. Check out a few of our additional templates:

  • Marketing Strategy Template – Take a big-picture look at marketing for your business with our Marketing Strategy Template, which supports budgeting, goal definition, and progress tracking.
  • Marketing Calendar Template -Plan out publication schedules and ensure blog posts, social media statuses, and other marketing content is created, edited, and published on time with our Marketing Content Template.
  • Marketing Campaign Template – Manage the details of specific marketing campaigns, from goal setting to successful completion with help from our Marketing Campaign Template.

Our templates aren’t the only resources you can leverage in your quest for marketing success. We’ve addressed a few others in the frequently asked questions section.

FAQs about marketing roadmaps

Does Excel have a roadmap template?

No, Excel doesn’t have a built-in roadmap template. But some marketing teams use spreadsheets to create roadmaps or checklists to help them follow through on marketing initiatives. You may be able to download templates other people have created for use with Excel. However, you can use’s Marketing Roadmap Template to create a custom board that’s more powerful than an Excel spreadsheet for managing your marketing processes.

How do I create a roadmap in Google Sheets?

You can create a roadmap in Google Sheets the same way you might in Excel. You can also use the Timeline function in Google Sheets, which is a feature designed to help teams keep up with project steps. To do this, you:

  • Select a timeline template from the options you have when starting a new spreadsheet.
  • Open the timeline template and customize it for your needs.
  • Edit the timeline to include the necessary information for your marketing project.
  • Share the timeline with team members via Google Sheets if you want to collaborate.

What is a content marketing roadmap?

A content marketing roadmap is a document that details the specific steps for success with a content marketing initiative. It’s like a general marketing roadmap, but it focuses on a single type of marketing.

Support success with our marketing roadmap template

From cloud communication options to seamless automations, Work OS is designed to help teams support success with all their endeavors. We know marketing is a critical factor for the growth of any company, which is why we make it a major focus.

Get started with our marketing roadmap template to see how easy your teams can collaborate and work on Then, branch out, leveraging other templates and functions like monday marketer to create powerful processes that scale with your business.

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