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Event planning requires excellent organizational and prioritization skills. There’s a lot to juggle to pull off a successful event: finding the right location, planning the budget, arranging catering, managing dates and times—the list goes on. You need the right event management software to manage all the logistics, but unfortunately, many tools on the market are cumbersome, unintuitive, and rigid.

You should check how Alex Dimmick from Btrax use templates boards to face the challenge of event planning and coordinating teams divided by a 17-hour time difference.

We designed these event planning templates to help you plan, organize, and implement in once place. No need to reinvent the wheel—with these templates, you can take advantage of the experience of veteran event planners.

Create a well-defined timeline, clarify roles and responsibilities, manage your budget, coordinate speakers, and more. Plus, these event planning templates are totally flexible and fully customizable, so you can find what works best for you. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference or a small-scale meetup, these templates will help you make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Event planning template

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  • Conference planning checklist

    This conference planning checklist is intended to be a comprehensive, big-picture overview of every single thing you might need to consider during your planning: name, dates, location, speakers, marketing plan, booking, registration, and even post-event cleanup.

    Event planning timeline template

    Good event planners need to be able to balance the meticulous details with the bigger picture priorities. This event planning timeline that makes it easy to visually see the deadlines of all your major milestones. With a proper timeline, you can stay on top of your plan and meet your due dates well before the event.

    Event speaker worksheet

    Track all the details and personal information of who is presenting at your event with this event speaker worksheet. Do they have any equipment or technical requirements? Do they need transportation to and from the event? Make sure that it all goes without a hitch with this template.

    Event checklist template

    Consider this event planning checklist template as a starting point for planning your event. Whether you’re planning to manage corporate event conference or a family get-together, the bottom line remains the same: plan ahead well so that everything runs smoothly during the event itself.

    Event budget planning template

    Estimating costs and staying within a defined budget is critical for effective event planning. This template allows you to drill down to estimate your expenses and then track what you actually spend. Comparing what you projected versus what you actually spent can help you better budget for future events
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