Evaluate conversion-ready leads with lead scoring

Reduce time and revenue waste by identifying the probability of each lead becoming a paying customer

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Focus on the leads that matter

Lead scoring can reduce the amount of time you spend pursuing unqualified leads by filtering them out based on numerical values. This will allow you to focus on more important leads and increase sales effectiveness.
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All leads in one centralized place

Leads can be difficult to track and manage, especially if they come from a variety of sources or if your sales team is large. Lead scoring allows your sales team to track all leads in one centralized location, ensuring no leads go unnoticed.
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Increase sales efficiency with lead scoring

Easily customize the score parameters

Each lead is scored based on a predefined set of parameters, such as role, company, revenue, and the number of employees. Using a predetermined formula, each lead is weighted to determine the final score. The formula can be adjusted by parameters and weight without coding.
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Automate and save time

Through no-code automations, sales reps will receive notifications when leads are considered sales-ready, so they can follow up and reach out to the right person at the right time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A lead scoring system is a methodology for ranking a lead's sales-readiness. As part of lead scoring, you determine which criteria or data points indicate that the lead is a sales qualified lead and then assign a point value for each of those criteria, ultimately determining the lead's score. By utilizing a lead scoring system, you can remove subjectivity from the process and determine which leads are most likely to convert.
  • With CRM software, you can streamline your lead management process and ensure your prospects do not go unnoticed and are processed and scored accordingly. Without effective lead scoring, you won’t be able to separate good leads from those that are irrelevant, wasting time and resources on leads that were never right in the first place.
  • With monday sales CRM lead scoring capabilities, you can customize and define the score each lead receives based on several pre-defined parameters. Once a lead is processed, the formula can be easily adjusted both in terms of parameters and weight without requiring coding.

Focus on the leads that matter