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7 HR templates we used to grow our team by 50% in 6 months

Eliana Atia 6 min read
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For, HR has been a central focus and priority since day one. We believe the right people create the right culture which drives the best product. In order to maintain our quality standards and meet our quantity demands as we grow, we’ve had to nurture an audience of potential applicants at all times, align our team with multiple sourcing companies, and continue to improve our processes. To make this happen, our HR team built a system that keeps everything flowing seamlessly, every stakeholder informed, and communication transparent.

The seven templates we go over in this post were created and used by our HR team to help grow our team from 350 to 550 employees in the past 6 months, while working entirely remotely.

R&D Candidates 2020

This board is probably where you will be spending most of your day. This board will be your HR team’s one source of truth—it is the foundation for all of the other boards we will go over, where many of the automations originate, and provides the data that the HR team needs in order to make data-driven decisions in the hiring process. In this board you can organize each new applicant, record the day they started their process, the source of their application, which stage they are in, and more. Using automations based on status updates within the board, applicants are automatically organized by stage (on hold, hired, rejected, etc). Once an applicant has moved past a certain stage of interviews, they are automatically moved to the “Advanced Processes” board.

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Advanced Processes

Recruiting for a position requires constant communication between the hiring manager and the HR team. The hiring manager usually has an entire team they are already managing and has limited time for meetings and status updates. The Advanced Processes board is a must-have to keep the hiring manager informed on how many applicants are at which stage of the process so they are equipped with the information they need to predict the growth of their team and prepare accordingly.  In the Advanced Processes board you can organize feedback per applicant from the HR and hiring manager’s side so both parties are clear on likelihood to hire, post-interview comments, and more. Having an always-updated offline resource for busy hiring managers to check helps applicants move through stages efficiently, eliminates miscommunication, and offers a single source of information.

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Catalog of R&D Sources

To maintain a steady stream of high-quality applicants, HR teams can be working with dozens of agencies at a time. This board is to help keep all of that information organized in one place. By making each item the name of the source, uploading the contract under the files column, and managing all of the contact information in one place you can easily check this sources board for everything you need.

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R&D Candidates Database Board

Not everyone that the HR team communicates with are people currently in the process. This board is the main catalog of candidates who are not in the process but who have excellent potential—such as people who are currently employed somewhere else or the many talented people who come to interview who are simply missing a few years of experience. This board is used to help build a continued relationship with those audiences that live outside of the general HR system to keep them engaged. Automations are built into the board to send invitations to relevant company events, exciting company updates, or any other relevant content. Automations and integrations with Outlook and Gmail make scheduling personalized emails simple and scalable.

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Recruitment Weekly

The Recruitment Weekly board is used to record the talking points, action items, and important resources discussed in the weekly HR meetings. This can be used as a knowledge base and an easy-to-access record of long-term progress.

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New Hires Status 

Making sure that the same level of care and organization is applied to the post-hiring process is an absolute must. The New Hires Status board is crucial for developing organization-wide transparency in the hiring process. Before a candidate’s first day the hiring manager can see everything so they can make sure they’ve been assigned a buddy to help walk them through their first few weeks, when their first day is, who their manager will be, and more.

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The Holy Grail: The HR Dashboard

Now this is guaranteed to make any HR manager’s eyes sparkle. This dashboard brings together critical data that can help your team know where your strengths are, where you can improve, how you have been performing, and what you should expect as you grow. For the HR team at, every initiative has a KPI and this board helps the team understand how they are performing under the context of their set KPIs.  Whether it’s a llama farm for every new employee by week, a graph of all candidates in progress by team, the number of interviews per week, or the average time in the interview process—this dashboard will become your new best friend.

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