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Free employee spotlight template to highlight well-performing employees 8 min read
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A recent survey by Gloat Talent Management found that about 34% of all surveyed employees felt undervalued by their companies. Another survey found that 66% of employees would quit their jobs if they felt underappreciated by their companies. These statistics show how important it is to create a positive company culture that helps employees feel valued and appreciated. One way to help your employees feel valued and invested in your company is through employee spotlights. Although they aren’t the only way to show appreciation, they’re an excellent start to a more empowering workplace culture.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use an employee spotlight to effectively boost employee morale and job satisfaction ratings. We’ll also share a free employee spotlight template you can use within the Work OS to make the process easier.

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What is an employee spotlight template?

Employers generally use these templates to profile employees who have been performing well in their roles. They’re a way of saying thank you and offering recognition for all they’ve contributed. An employee spotlight template will typically:

  • Talk about the employee’s history within your company, including how long they’ve been with you.
  • Highlight the employee’s formal education and training as it pertains to their position.
  • Discuss work anniversaries, successes, and challenges in the job.

A few sentences about the employee’s personal life and personality can also be included, although this is generally up to the company and the employee being featured in the spotlight.

Why use an employee spotlight template?

Using an employee spotlight can:

  • Make employees feel valued: By highlighting your employee’s achievements, you show them you care about them as individuals and appreciate all the contributions they’ve made to the company.
  • Increase overall job satisfaction: Employees who feel valued by management are significantly more likely to remain satisfied with their current jobs. Increasing job satisfaction across the board can reduce employee turnover ratings, which contributes to your bottom line, as well as a more positive work environment.
  • Improve productivity and performance levels: Appreciated employees are more likely to want to go the extra mile with their jobs, which could mean higher productivity ratings and better performance levels. Improving productivity and performance levels can lead to numerous other benefits, including faster growth, better customer service, and increased profits.
  • Help create a positive company culture: A positive company culture is better for the mental and physical health of all employees, from entry level to upper management. Your employees will look forward to coming to work instead of dreading it.

An employee spotlight template helps you show your employees they’re valued, increasing job satisfaction and leading to a more positive company culture where employees are happy to come to work.

Now that you understand why you might want to use an employee spotlight template, let’s take a look at some real-life examples.

What are some examples of employee spotlight templates?

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you develop your employee spotlight templates, there are dozens of fantastic examples on Pinterest that show what other companies have done, like this employee spotlight which contains the employee’s name and recent achievements in a simple image. The company has included a quote from the employee in the caption, and the post links back to a more detailed spotlight article.

Neil Patel also provides unique examples on his blog. For example, this employee spotlight features an image of the highlighted individual, along with a few interview questions and answers. The questions cover topics that are both personal and career-related to give people an in-depth look at the spotlighted employee. Meanwhile, this lighthearted example from Twitch embraces the brand’s more relaxed personality by incorporating humor. Alongside an employee image is a funny quote from them, and a link in the caption leads to a more in-depth spotlight.

You can post employee spotlights on your company’s career page or Instagram account. You might choose to create a blog post and then promote it over a social media post (or two). The choice of how you share your spotlights is up to you.

Employee spotlight templates on’ Work OS is the platform’s core, providing numerous features and capabilities that make managing a business, projects, or the HR department simpler and more efficient. Our Work OS lets you:

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Plus, has customizable solutions for many industries, including hundreds of customizable templates you can use to streamline your workflow and decrease time spent on tedious tasks.

You can customize’s employee spotlight template to suit your company’s needs or preferences. Move sections around, add them, or delete those that you don’t feel apply to your company. The best part of using an employee spotlight template is that every highlight will be coherent and use the same information. Having consistency across employee spotlights will ensure nobody feels they weren’t given the same recognition as their coworkers.

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Related templates on

While an internal employee spotlight template is an excellent resource to help promote a more positive company culture, it isn’t the only template you’ll ever need. Other templates can also help in these efforts, like the employee engagement survey template and employee well-being survey template.

Employee engagement survey template

Knowing how engaged your workforce is can help you understand how satisfied people are with their jobs. Increasing employee engagement can create a happier workplace, promote greater productivity levels, and boost how invested employees feel in their current position. The best way to get a sense of how engaged your workforce is to ask them. You can customize our Employee Engagement Survey Template to measure factors of interest. Answers can be submitted anonymously, which typically encourages employees to be more truthful, thereby enabling you to receive the most accurate possible results.

Employee well-being survey template

Supporting the mental and physical well-being of your employees is essential. Healthy employees produce better work (and do it faster), while those who find their jobs stressful are significantly more likely to quit. You can use our Employee Well-Being Survey Template to show your employees you care about them and assess their overall health. Customize the survey template to ask for the feedback you want most, including how your employees feel they would like to be supported.

By now, you should have a working understanding of why an employee spotlight is so beneficial. To summarize what we’ve covered in this post, here are answers to a few FAQs.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an employee spotlight?

An employee spotlight highlights a high-performing employee’s history with your company, among other things. Spotlights vary from company to company but may include educational history, recent or remarkable achievements, and personal details. An employee spotlight may be posted on a company’s website, sent out in an employee email, or otherwise distributed for the spotlighted employee to receive recognition.

How do you write an employee spotlight?

To write an employee spotlight:

  • Either send the employee an employee spotlight template and allow them to fill in their answers, or sit down with them and fill in the template together.
  • Add any additional features you wish to include, for example, images.
  • Format the spotlight to suit the various mediums you’d like to publish it in.

Make your employees feel valued with an employee spotlight template from

Employees who feel appreciated and valued in their company tend to be more productive and stay in their positions longer than those who don’t. While an employee spotlight template alone won’t solve the problem of employees feeling undervalued, it is a fast and simple way to start showing your appreciation in the interest of increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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