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The ultimate Jira alternative for your team in 2021

Adi Pick

    monday reviews is our latest blog series where we provide the facts about different project management tools—no BS and no hyperbole needed. Keep scrolling for our analysis and to learn more about all the project management tools out there. Enjoy! ????


    Picking the right software development or project management tool is a big decision, we of all people understand!

    Perhaps you’ve tried Jira before and are looking for something bigger and better, or maybe you just want to make sure you’re making the right decision before taking the plunge. We salute you, and are here to help you find the perfect solution for you and your team!

    First things first:

    What is Jira?

    Developed by software company Atlassian, Jira is intended for software teams to plan and track their projects using agile project management—put simply, it’s an Agile project management tool.

    Since Jira was designed specifically for software teams, it mainly targets software developers, teams, and project managers working on software-related products and projects, and its features and integrations reflect this target audience.

    jira board view, from jira's website

    Jira features in 2021: software-focused, hard for non-technical teams to use

    Small software development teams looking to use only the agile project management methodology may find that Jira meets their needs, as Jira is catered for this very specific audience and offers Scrum and Kanban boards.

    Jira suits the advanced needs of agile teams well in R&D, as its integrations with popular development tools, like GitHub, are well thought out and robust.

    Jira offers integration options from its marketplace, including Gmail, ZenDesk, Figma, and also a integration, but not nearly as many options as we think you deserve!

    That being said, many of Jira’s integrations have an additional fee and are not very useful for those of us who aren’t software developers.

    But because it is one of the cheaper project management tools out there, you get what you pay for in terms of views, automations, and other features that non-developer teams may find valuable. It is not as intuitive and more complex than other tools, like as a random example.

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    Jira pricing: you get what you pay for

    • Basic – Jira’s most basic plan is also free, albeit only for teams of up to 10, and has a limit of 2 GB of file storage
    • Standard – Jira’s standard plan costs an average of $7 per user per month and offers customer support only during local business hours. It includes anonymous access, most commonly used to give customers the ability to view and submit bugs and feature requests.
    • Premium – their premium plan comes with a price tag of $14 per user, granting users the ability to archive projects, unlimited file storage, and 24/7 premium support.
    • Enterprise – like Asana, Jira also does not list a price for their Enterprise plans, but does offer “organization-level billing” and a dedicated team of support managers.

    Still looking for a Jira alternative and figuring out which plan is the best for your needs? Check out our recent blog post with all the details.

    Jira customer support: 9am - 5pm, only on weekdays

    In the event you’ll need some help, which we all do sometimes, you can fill out a ticket on Jira’s website, but the company does not have a guarantee of how long it will take to get back to you.

    If you prefer to speak to someone over the phone, Jira does offer phone support, but it is only available 24/7 to those who are subscribed to its enterprise plan. In fact, for most of its plans, clients only have access to customer support from the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.—on weekdays only.

    Here at, we take our customer support VERY seriously, and know that sometimes you may need help at inconvenient hours. So, we guarantee our customers 24/7 support, from anytime and anywhere!

    So if you’ve read up to here and think that you need a Jira alternative, then say no more and look no further!

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    Jira vs. reviews chart from G2

    Enter the ultimate Jira alternative

    When choosing a project management tool, you need to make sure it can support your team along the entire project management life-cycle.

    Here are some of the features that set apart from other project management tools out there:

    1. Setup in minutes is a Work OS that allows you to create and customize your PERFECT project management tool. That’s why we offer a visual, user-friendly, and intuitive interface.  We offer plenty of different views including timelines, Gantt charts, and more, and make the platform super easy to use so you can get started NOW.

    2. Automate the mundane tasks – Using’s custom automation builder, users can create complex workflows to automate reminders, mundane tasks, and even send out notifications and emails on your behalf. Pretty nifty, eh?

    3. Integrate with the tools you use and love – You can seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools to finally have all your work and data in one place! With monday, you can set up endless integrations in just a few clicks and choose from a variety of CRM, marketing, and software development integrations.

    4. Always here for you, whenever wherever –  In addition to our supper accessible 24/7 customer support, also offers a self-serve knowledge base and webinar that help users get the most out of our platform at any time.

    Still need more convincing?

    Don’t just take our word for it: has a rating of 4.6 /5 on G2 from more than 1,200 users. In fact, more than 7,000 people ranked 4.6/5 or above on review sites, including G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, TrustRadius, and GetApp.

    Try it out for yourself, the first two weeks are on us!

    Get started! board— a true Work OS is a complete Work OS for  any team, not only software developers (but them too, of course!). In case you’re wondering: a work operating system (Work OS) is a cloud-based software platform where teams build custom workflow apps. You can create that amazing tool you’ve always dreamed of for your work, like processes, projects, and workflows.As a Work OS platform, grants the following capabilities:

    • Organization-wide use— makes team collaboration a breeze for teams of any size, from any domain.
    • Data visualization and analytics—All users with access to and with permissions to access a specific data source can create reports and visualizations within the platform in real-time! Our dashboards and reports can become a single source of information for data-driven decision-making, everytime.
    • Permissions and governance— includes permission-setting features over who can view, update, and edit data. Teams can work in their own way while staying aligned with their organizational standards.
    • Low-code/no-code app creation—using our new monday apps marketplace, users, partners, and builders have the freedom to quickly build apps on top of the platform! Read all about it here, we know you want to!

    Get started! views center looks like this



    1. Jira vs. what are the differences?

    With, you have access to a multitude of features that simplifies project management from start to finish. offers the following :

    • More features and views than Jira offer
    • 24/7 customer support with an average response time of less than 60 minutes ????
    • Hundreds of ready-made templates
    • 8 different visual workflows
    • The ability to create, customize, and share forms with your team members and clients
    • 40+ high-quality integrations—both for developers and non-developers alike
    • And much, much, much more!
    1. Does have a Github integration?

    Yes! With the integration with GitHub, you can supercharge GitHub’s task-management capabilities and discuss builds with your team before they enter your codebase. Learn more about the integration with Github here!

    1. Can be used for bug tracking?

    Of course can be used for bug tracking!

    With you can easily track all bugs in one place, visualize the big picture, figure out what’s stuck, and what’s already in production in a super simple way.

    Your team will have a clear overview of various bug statuses and will easily be able to add, update, and assign bugs effortlessly.

    On’s platform it’s easy to filter bugs by any parameter to get a progress overview. See how many bugs are open, and oversee how many bugs each developer has on their workflow.

    We even have a bug tracking template so you can get started NOW. 

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