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What to look for in a time management app 8 min read
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Ever feel like you need a few extra hours every day to accomplish what you want? Whether you manage a large team or work alone, it’s normal to want to maximize every hour of the day.

With so many tasks to complete, meetings to attend, and messages to reply to, time can feel like it’s in short supply.

We get it.

For this reason, time management apps have become increasingly popular with users looking to better manage their time and structure their day.

But time management apps can vary a lot in their features and don’t always give you a complete solution to managing your team workload.

That’s where we step in.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what features to look out for in a time management app and why you may need a more complete solution to get your best work done.

Why do you need a time management app?

Have you ever looked at your weekly or daily to-do list and felt a rising sense of panic?

Feeling that you have too much to do is all too common when you’re multitasking and working to tight deadlines.

We’re all guilty of a little procrastination from time to time, spending too much time on simple tasks, and letting life get in the way of achieving our best work.

This is where time management apps come in.

screenshot of time management app on iPhone

They can help you estimate how long each project will take you, track how long you or team members spend on work, and help you plan realistic to-do lists.

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Prioritize tasks

Learning to prioritize tasks is an important part of effective time management. While you may need to complete each task on your list, some probably need to be completed sooner than others.

A time management app can help you see where you and your team are spending the most and least time.

You may be surprised to see that some seemingly straightforward tasks take up the most time.

Once you know how long tasks take, it becomes much easier to plan and prioritize your team’s workflow.

Free up your schedule

Don’t you just hate it when simple tasks overrun and cause you to lose track of time and derail your schedule?

Once you start tracking how long each task takes to complete, you’ll find it easier to estimate how much time you need for future tasks.

screenshot of team projects

When you divide your schedule up into manageable chunks, you’ll soon find it frees up more of your time.

Set achievable goals

Knowing how long tasks take will help you set realistic targets and smash your goals.

When you guess at how long tasks take to complete, it’s much harder to set achievable goals.

If you have a clear idea of what’s realistically achievable within a certain timeframe, you’ll find that you hit targets much more often.

Features to look for in a time management app

Here are some of the top features to look out for when choosing a time management app. When it comes to achieving your optimum work, remember a more complete work OS may be the best option.


Knowing which tasks require a team member’s full attention and which tasks can be completed via automation is an important part of optimizing your workflow.

If a team member has to reply to every single message they receive or manually send notifications when they’ve completed a task, their workflow will be slower.

But if your time management app can help automate some of those tasks it’s a win-win situation. Not only will your team members have more time to spend on complex tasks that require more attention, but you’ll also streamline your overall workflow.

With you can let its powerful automations handle those tedious recurring tasks for you. Assign tasks, receive notifications, get status updates, and create items in other boards in less time than it takes to brew your next coffee.

The best part is that you’ll eliminate human error and be able to stop worrying about whether you updated your board properly.

screenshot of automations


Most businesses rely on multiple different online tools and platforms to keep their workflow streamlined, their team organized, and their work output optimum.

Before you choose your time management app, think about which other platforms and tools you’d like to integrate.

screenshot of available integrations

Keep your data aligned and all in one place with’s 40+ integrations. Make changes in one platform and instantly see it appear everywhere it needs to.

Say goodbye to playing guessing games about which data is what and where you can track it down. Whether you run an ecommerce store on Shopify or use HubSpot to track your customer support exchanges, all this data will appear right where you need it.

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Task management

Time management goes hand in hand with task management. When the two exist in harmony you’ll find project and task completion a breeze, which is why some task management features are a key component of any time management app.

screenshot of time tracking

Manage your team’s tasks with powerful task management tools like those built on top of Work OS.

Easily assign team members to new tasks, prioritize different items, set due dates, and know exactly how long each task takes with the easy to use color-coded task management software.

As an added bonus you can also find management tips on the blog. — all-in-one time management app

Our visual, intuitive, and powerful time management features make it easy for your team to better track, monitor, and complete tasks.

Easily manage your and the team’s time on the go with the time management mobile app.

Our central data-driven dashboard makes it easy to get a big picture view of what’s going on and manage your time all in one place.

Time management is only the beginning with Work OS

Time management is an essential component of boosting your business’s productivity. But since is a customizable Work OS, you may want to use its other intuitive user-friendly features too. transforms your workflow and project management to help you and your team produce your best work.

With 200+ customizable templates, you’ll find something that suits your team whether you’re designing a spaceship or planning an editorial calendar.

Once you’ve completed a project, build data-driven reports to see a breakdown of time by projects, clients, and tasks to help you better manage your time for future work. As an added bonus, our reports are also useful for figuring out work hours and invoicing if you work with freelancers or contractors.

screenshot of time tracking reports

When you’re ready to take your project management to the next level, check out our monday apps marketplace and access new views, widgets, integrations, and automations to enhance your team’s work.

If you need some additional help or suggestions to get the most out of, our 24/7 live customer support has got you covered.

Which time management app is best for me?

There are so many different time management apps available to boost your productivity and help you get your best work done.

But when it comes to deciding what’s best for individual time management needs, you need to weigh up whether you just want time management software or also a complete set of project management features.

We recommend choosing a complete project management and time management solution like to help streamline your workflow and help both you and your team get your best work done.

Given its customizable features and highly personalized templates, adapts to any business’s unique time management needs.

Whether you need a timesheet or an expense tracking system, the platform will enable you to monitor, track, and display all your tasks in a clear color-coded, and visually beautiful way that makes sense.

The best part of is that it’s so easy and intuitive to use.

Your team members will love customizing each template and won’t need to worry about losing that paper to-do list ever again.

Easily add tasks and assign them to relevant team members. Quickly view the status of each task and see if a task is stuck or behind schedule.

Your team members will love how easy it is to see their individual tasks while you’ll love the user-friendly overview.

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Whether you work on an individual basis or manage a large team, time management apps can take your productivity to the next level and improve your overall management strategy.

Although each time management app has its own set of unique features,’s intuitive and user-friendly layout makes it an effective time management app for all types of businesses.

If you’re looking to boost your workflow and achieve more in less time, try today.

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