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Free success plan template to clearly define your goals 8 min read
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Having clearly defined goals is essential in every aspect of your life. When you decide to take the big step to purchase a home, you use a detailed plan to save enough money, refine your potential home options, and raise your credit score to get better interest rates. Without a clear plan for success, it’d be next to impossible to become a homeowner. The same holds true in business — without a detailed plan, your company won’t be able to grow or expand the way you’d like it to.

Today we’ll discuss how a success plan template can help you clearly define your goals so you can create a detailed listing of all the tasks leading up to achieving your objective. We’ll also share how you can use the free template on’s Work OS to simplify the planning process and increase your goal-achieving efficiency.

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What is a success plan template?

Success plans aren’t set in stone. Instead, they can (and should) be flexible, living documents that you can change as new information becomes available. For example, a success plan template may have a set of defined tasks leading into the future to increase brand awareness for your company. However, those tasks can be altered if your quarterly business reviews show that a change in direction is necessary.

Why use a success plan template?

Every company can benefit from using a success plan template, whether on a large business-wide scale or for individual sectors and assignments within the organization. Using a success plan template can help you:

Clearly define your goals

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A success plan template aligns your whole team or company towards a single goal and ensures maximum transparency within your operations. For example, you might develop a success plan template to boost customer engagement and share this with all your customer-facing teams. With all your teams following the same success plan, your customers receive the same experience in all interactions with your company, which can lead to increased satisfaction.

Provide insight into challenges or problem areas

When you can see where you’re going and where you’ve been, it’s easier to notice what challenges or problem areas might stand in the way of achieving your objectives. If you do foresee potential challenges, you can plan ahead to reduce their risks and create solutions.

Help achieve desired outcomes

When your company or team is aligned toward the same goal, the ability to achieve desired results is significantly increased. Depending on the objective, this could mean faster growth, higher profits, increased customer satisfaction, and greater employee productivity.

With an ongoing, living success plan template, you can identify trends that allow you to see what your company is doing right and where it might improve.

In learning why a success plan template is a valuable business tool, it may help to see some examples.

What are some examples of success plan templates?

Success plan templates can be adapted for nearly any of your organization’s goals or even for use in your personal life. For example, your company might use a template to plan for customer success. Or, you might create a student success plan template if you return to school to achieve a higher degree.

Customer success plan template

You can use a customer success plan template to map the customer journey from first contact to achieving their desired goals. For example, your customer success manager may create a plan that starts with a contact form to obtain more information, followed by downloading an eBook or reading informative blog posts so that customers become more informed. With those things in place, customers can make the best purchasing decision for their unique needs. You can use aggregated customer data and survey input to tailor this journey, which your customer success team would execute.

Student success plan template

You might use a student success plan template if you go back to school and pursue an advanced degree to help you earn more in your current career. When developing your student success plan, you might create a schedule that allows ample time for classes and study while still allowing you to work and attend to family duties. The success plan should have detailed information on the timeline for achieving your degree as well as details on how to overcome potential challenges that may arise during your advanced learning journey.

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Success plan templates on

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An excellent example of a success plan you can use is an action plan.’s Action Plan Template allows you to break your goals into detailed steps, which you can then drag around as necessary. You can assign team members to tasks and track their work in progress to increase transparency for all stakeholders. Add start and completion dates for individual tasks and attach relevant files or details, so everyone has the necessary information.

Using the Action Plan Template with’s Work OS makes achieving your goals even simpler and more efficient by giving you the management tools you need. Customizable dashboards allow you to view your plan’s most pertinent information from one screen, while the workdocs feature allows for real-time collaboration even if some of your team members are working remotely. Save your files where you work and enable relevant stakeholders access to the information they need when they need it. Although success plan templates are an essential business tool for mapping your way to achieving objectives, other templates may serve you better in certain circumstances.

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Related templates on

You can use success plan templates to break down goals for multiple situations. However, for some situations, related templates may be a better option for your planning process. For example, you may use a single project template for detailed project planning or a product roadmap template to help navigate a new product or service release.

Single project template

Our Single Project Template lets you plan, manage, and troubleshoot all project tasks from one customizable dashboard. Information is presented as a bar chart that shows when each activity or task should start and end as well as which tasks should currently be underway to help you achieve maximum transparency in your project management. Set milestones and assign each task to the most qualified team member to ensure your team meets every deadline. Plus, you can boost productivity by setting automatic notifications for the right team member when a task has become overdue.

Product roadmap template’s Product Roadmap Template provides a solid foundation for planning, managing, marketing, and releasing new products or services. You can simplify the product creation and release processes by gaining a high-level overview of your project on a single customizable template that tracks progress from inception to completion. Assign tasks to team members to create transparency within your process and promote employee accountability. This template tracks tasks and resource budgeting and allocation to support more informed decision-making.

By now, you likely have a solid understanding of a success plan template and why you might want to use it. However, we’ve answered a few FAQs below in case you still have questions.

Frequently asked questions

How do you create a successful plan?

Knowing your goal and the “why” behind it is critical to creating a successful plan. It also helps to validate your idea and allows flexibility in your planning to account for roadblocks, bottlenecks, and other issues that may crop up. You may find it helpful to reach out to other people for support when developing your plan as having an extra set of eyes (or two) on the plan can ensure you don’t miss any crucial details. Finally, a successful plan is created with plenty of detail and includes information on timing, resources, scheduling, and other pertinent information.

What is a customer success roadmap?

A customer success roadmap is a plan detailing the customer journey from when they first begin interacting with your company until they achieve their ultimate goals. Those goals might be to make an informed purchasing decision or they might be something specific to your industry. For example, a gym may develop a customer success roadmap to help their clients achieve their weight loss or fitness goals. A thoughtful, thorough customer success plan can help increase customer retention and improve your company’s overall reputation.

Clearly define your goals with a success plan template from

The ability to clearly define and visualize your goals is key to success. By enabling your company to do this, a success plan template can help promote greater productivity within your workforce, improve overall customer satisfaction, increase profits, and more. Using the free success plan template on’s powerful Work OS can simplify your company’s or project’s planning processes to maximize efficiency and transparency within all your business processes.

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